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The Effects Of Performance Appraisals Essay

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Background of the Study
In today’s world where competition is clearly observed, the quality of an individual could be the one that determines one’s competitiveness. Performance appraisals can give you essential information on certain points, it is a method of assessing and communicating with an employee on how he or she is performing the job and forming plans of development depending on the result of the appraisal. Important usage of appraisal information is that it could be an input into human resource planning (Byars and Rue, 2008). Performance appraisal needs to be done in order for management to do certain courses of actions through the result of it. It is at the concern of an organization to conduct performance appraisal for the reason of ensuring that an employee is working towards the organization’s goals. Performance appraisal for a number of purposes is essential to the organization as well as its employees. It can give both negative and positive effects. A recent survey conducted at the Conference Board’s HR conference in New York City found that employees find performance appraisal into its negative effect, they think more about criticisms not into positive feedbacks specifically the need of development (French, 2007). Feedbacks into the performance appraisal will point out facts about its effects into one’s output and behavior that will probably lead into development plans and actions for improvement. There will be certain changes or improvements on how an individual reacts into performance appraisal and this will determines one’s perception and recognition of his or her job. Feedback unto the appraisal will eventually share something into one’s behavior and as we all know it can give such influence unto one’s output.
Public school principal in the Philippines uses Performance Appraisal for School Administrator (PASSA) that allows them to appraise their own performance. The purpose of the assessment done on principals helps them in achieving their leadership roles and they should be pushed in order to take professional growth opportunities which can enhance leadership for the academic goal of all learners. Although performance appraisal remains a subject for criticism, principals who took the appraisal takes the result of their own assessment for the improvement of their output and other grounds such as responsibility, accountability and compensation (Legaspi, 2008). The system of performance appraisal will also determine the effect and perception of an employee’s towards the appraisal. It is important that the employee itself should have the behavior of being comfortable into his own knowledge and skills for them to have positive feedbacks and to consider the appraisal as a positive process.
According to the Human Resource Management of Davao City (2012), they believed that human resource is the most valuable resource in the organization and to keep competencies, competence-based approach to performance...

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