The Effects Of Police Brutality And Racism English Essay

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We can all agree on that a police job is quite dangerous. Police officers are more likely to be put in situations that can lead to extreme force, but sometimes police officers use too much enforcement for reasons most people don’t understand, such as racism. Officers who use extreme violence can be a major issue because of racism and how they are trained, which leads them to using force in situations that are not necessary. The police are meant to protect the society from harm, not prevent it.
Racism has been around for many years now whether people like it or not. Those who have experienced racism usually feel prejudiced against others who feel like they are higher up than them. Racism has a huge part in police brutality. When it comes to the officers they feel like they are superior, and take advantage of their power and abuse others. Police brutality is a racist act because racism is a group of people who think they are more superior than other races in this case, cops believe they are more superior than other minorities; which is pretty sad to say the least. When you read the news, most cops who engaged in racist acts towards people of color are usually white males. And white people usually team up with cops and defend them because they also think their race is more superior than others. It’s a goddamn awful world we live in. I really wish racism didn’t exist today, since god did make everyone equal.
Police officers are trained to protect the ones who need protection and to protect themselves from danger. American police officers are the best well trained in the world, but the training they are required to do is part of the problem. Police training starts in a police academy, where the officers are taught “first rule of enforcement”. The police academy is a serious of educational and physical modules that help prepare officers for protecting themselves. Three common modules are:

1. Police strategy: a very large component of training which cover topics like: procedures and legal knowledge.

2. Weapons training: they will learn to use non-deadly weapons like mace, tasers, batons and firearms. They will learn how to use them in situations when encountering an unwilling individual.
3. Community/Communication: A huge part of public safety is working with your community and protecting it.

· Emergency aid: Cops often arrive first on scene of crimes or accidents which makes their helping and communication needed so they can aid the individual until paramedics come.

· Community collaboration:

1. Learning civil rights issues

2. Negotiation techniques

3. Communication strategies

4. Basic criminal psychology

Have saying all that, why do officers use too much enforcement on African-Americans who do not seem a threat to them? Officers need to stop living in their own world and learn that every encounter, every individual around them is not a threat. “Complacency kills.” Yeah because killing...

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