The Effects Of Poverty (In America)

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In “The Land of Opportunity” by James Loewen and an interview titled “Not Guilty Verdict Can Still Lead to Ruined Lives” two different times and perspectives are put onto the same subject of poverty (specifically in America, though both can be generalized on a global scale). From nearly a decade apart, the subject still rages onwards and hasn’t really changed much from the same basic outlines that Loewen spoke of.
Loewen’s piece on poverty was first published in 1995. The rhetoric in it spoken of in Loween’s piece spoke like a slash and burn policy to better put in a few more points that are often not included in the subject of poverty. One of the greater quotes that summed up both his ...view middle of the document...

The broadcast came to help put the 50th year of the war on poverty created by Lyndon B. Johnson in perspective. The interview came on April 8th, 2014 as in comparison to Lowen’s article in 1996 but the article showed more self-actualization of the same key defining factors as spoken by both Anthony and Steinberg.
Through the NPR session it went to talk about the suffrage of the poor in American society due to, specifically, the criminal system: Losses of job due to being stuck in jail (easily expendable labor), court appearances (easily expendable labor), a mark on the criminal record prevents the possibility of greater job opportunities in the future, loss of children, and deportation are a few of the main possibilities simply by going through the justice system as a poverty stricken person. A specific point by Steinberg especially helps to put the whole thing in perspective: “What’s conduct in one community, that same conduct is not deemed criminal in another community”. The quote came to describe Anthony’s case: “People get into arguments, even heated arguments, all the time in middle and upper-class communities across New York City, but you don’t see them being hauled into the criminal justice system.” The quotes came from Anthony’s story: Anthony was a first time offender, a misdemeanor for a...

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