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The Effects Of Pressure On Youth

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While it is easy to say that the youth today have it easy, they face many pressures unseen by generations in the past. The pressures being placed upon them now are bigger than ever and as a result, so are the ways they are affected by them. These individuals are affected in ways that may lead them to dangerous coping methods in a widespread manner, from eating disorders to alcoholism to suicide.
Throughout the past teens and young adults have always had problems. Issues such as school, altercations with parents, peer pressures, jobs, and new responsibilities of adulthood persist. However, it seems that in this time these issues have been amplified. Even more is expected out of children, at younger ages. Teens face parents with unrealistic expectations for them, more schooling than ever, and the struggle of supporting a job while obtaining an education. On top of these daily responsibilities they also face multiple other pressures such as sports performance, divorcing parents, relationships, money, grades, and simply striving to be the best. Children are worried about their futures and whether or not they will be successful or wealthy or smart enough. There are many factors that cause this pressure they feel.
Young adults today receive less adult authority and guidance from their parents than they have in the past. In their search for guidance, many turn to inappropriate adult authority figures as an example. In the media, kids see many messages daily whether in the form of television, social media, or falsely idolized celebrities. Time spent as a family unit is increasing dramatically, with a major lack of important discussions being held in the home. Many teens don’t know how to define their own values, much less discuss with their parents what their values are. Children are given more and more freedom to do whatever they want at younger ages. Many parents use less discipline than in previous generations, afraid to hurt their child’s feeling. Although it may not feel like pressure to them at the time, this freedom being received prematurely is detrimental to their wellbeing as they are not being molded, shaped, or even watched over. Without discipline, these individuals never learn the difference between right or wrong and how to cope with difficulties.
More than ever young adults are facing many forms of degradation regularly. A sad fact is that most of this abuse comes from their peers. It is a part of everyday life for them to be cursed at and called names, in some cases even discriminated against or sexually harassed. They believe these slurs and actions are normal and that they should refrain from saying anything about it. They have been shown that no one will listen to them or care what happened anyway.
Young people face competitive families. They are constantly trying to find the right, usually most expensive, clothes to help them fit in. They attempt to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible and make the best...

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