The Effects Of Saltwater On Algae

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This experiment was used to see the effect of salt water on the algae in the freshwater tables. The effect of salt water on algae will make the algae decrease in number. The algae were used as an indicator organism to give an idea of pollution concentrations. (Colgan, 33) Salt water can cause many problems if the salt water should enter the freshwater ways. This salt water can contaminate the aquifers and drinking waters of the world. This idea is backed up in Spatafora’s saltwater intrusion paper “When this occurs, it will move the saltwater freshwater interface inland, resulting in a higher saline concentration in the aquifers' water, rendering it useless for human consumption, unless it ...view middle of the document...

Many animals primary food source are plants in the water and a decrease in these plants can cause the animals to start to reduce in population size.

The materials need for this experiment are as followed: 1 test tube rack, 12 screw cap test tubes with caps, Ankistrodesmus stock cultures, Alga-GroTM nutrient media, saltwater, 1, 2, 5, and 10 mL pipettes and pumps, and spectrophotometers. First, divide the 12 test tubes into four treatments of three test tubes. The first set of test tubes will be the controls for the experiment. Two of the test tubes will be measure the third will be the blanks. Now place 10 mL of Alga-GroTM in the first blank, 9 mL in the next blank, the third blank will have 7 ml and the fourth blank will have 5 mL of Alga-GroTM. For the test tubes being test will receive different amounts of Alga-GroTM the first or controls will receive 5 mL of Alga-GroTM, the first treatment receiving 4 mL, the second receiving 2mL and the third treatment will have no Alga-GroTM. Next the pond water is pipetted into each of the test tubes being recorded, not the blanks, will all receive 5 mL. The final step of preparing the test tube is to pipette the saltwater into treatments 1, treatment 2, and treatment 3. Treatment 1 the amount of saltwater pipetted is 1 mL into all three test tubes. Pipette 3 mL of saltwater in each of the three test tubes for treatment 2. For the third treatment pipette 5 mL of saltwater into each of the three test tubes. The dependent variable in this experiment is the amount of algae present in the solutions. There are many independent variable such as the amount of pond water present, amount...

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