"The Effects Of Sin" This Paper Gives A Detailed Account Of How Each Character Was Effected By Hester Prynee's Adulterous Acts.

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"The Effects of Sin"The main thematic emphasis in The Scarlet Letter is on sin, more specifically adultery, and its effects upon the individual in a Puritan society. In a time where people lived under the strict moral code of puritan life, many individuals were condemned to a life of seclusion and looked upon with shame by all righteous members of society. In his novel, Nathaniel Hawthorne reveals how adultery affects the lives of the individuals involved and how a Puritan society reacts to such sin.Hawthorne uses the symbolic scarlet letter as the emblem of the adulterous acts between Hester Prynee and Arthur Dimmesdale, for she is forced to wear the 'A' as a constant badge of shame to punish her disgraceful affair. This scarlet letter represents the continual punishment by society and Hawthorne shows the affects of this emblem upon each individual involved throughout the novel.Becoming pregnant by her adulterous acts, Hester Prynne's sin is exposed to public view and she is forced to embroider the scarlet letter 'A' onto her bosom as punishment from the Puritan society. To Hester, the scarlet letter stood for her unforgiving shame and served as a constant reminder to all whom she encountered in her day-to-day life:"[S]he would become the general symbol at which the preacherand moralist might point, and in which they might vivify andembody their images of woman's frailty and sinful passion. Thusthe young and pure would be taught to look at her, with the scarletletter flaming on her breast,-- at her, the child of honorable parents,-- at her, the mother of a babe, that would hereafter be a woman,-- at her who had once been innocent,-- as the figure, the body, thereality of sin" (54).Her child, Pearl, served constant reminder of her disgrace, being the "first object of which Pearl seemed to become aware was-the scarlet letter on Hester's bosom!" (65) Hester's first instinct would be to hide the object of her shame, but "whether from pride or resignation or a feeling that her penance might best be wrought out by this unutterable pain, she resisted the impulse, and sat erect, pale to death, looking sadly into little Pearl's wild eyes" (67). As Hester plays her role as seamstress to society's respected elders, the letter "A" comes to stand for 'Able' rather than 'Adulteress.' The puritans come to look upon her with respect of her courage and strength, rather than the shame and degradation the 'A' was meant to represent.To Arthur Dimmesdale, the well loved and respected minister of his people, the scarlet...

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