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The Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents

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In today’s society, all adolescents communicate and find out the latest gossip that is trending through social media. Since the introduction of the internet people always tried to find a way to communicate with people around the world, nowadays people connect through the likes of Facebook and Twitter. There is a plethora of negative causes of social media on the lives of the youth being cyber bullying, addiction, and not being aware of the privacy terms.
Cyber bullying is a new type of bullying; it is when someone is harassing another person through the internet and abusing them verbally. Cyber bullying causes suicides “Cyberbullying has also been the cause of many suicides in young people” ...view middle of the document...

There has been a rise in the use of social media in teens, according to Amanda Lenhart, “73% of wired Americans teens use social networking websites, a significant increase from previous surveys” (Lenhart et al. 1). With more teens connected to social media there is addiction problems. There is even a rehabilitation place where you can be away from social media and technology itself in the United Kingdom. Even though the American Psychological Association hasn’t made this an official addiction, more and more parents are reporting problems with their children being stuck to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Finally, many social media users don’t take precautions of the privacy terms and are left with their information everywhere in the internet. Teenagers are giving up their information easily, they are posting their phone numbers on their Facebook pages where all their so called friends are able to see and if they don’t have their account private anyone can get their number. CBS released an article stating that just last year Facebook got rid of their privacy features, “Facebook Inc. said Thursday that it is removing a setting that controls whether a user's timeline could be found when people search for them by name” (CBS). Anyone is able to search for you and able to see all the things you have been posting from status updates, pictures, and website links that you shared. Young adults should be aware of these privacy terms because they can easily be seen by anyone who is connected to Facebook. Teens are becoming obsessed with having the most friends and followers on social media, but are dumbstruck with the consequences,” Be careful whom you add as a “friend,” or what groups or pages you join. The more...

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