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The Effects Of Social Media Usages On Bullying Behaviors

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The Effects of Social Media Usages on Bullying Behaviors
The internet is readily available to children all across the world; it plays a pivotal role in education, media entertainment, and often social relationships as they relate to the 21st century. It is less often thought of how technology, social media to be more specific, is influencing the behaviors of today's youth. Social Media plays such a fundamental role in today's society. How does social media use affect the behaviors of today's youth? People often use social media sites as a way to experience parts of the world and cultures that they may not be able or fortune enough to experience themselves but what happens when they are faced with negativity through the use of social media? A staggering number of individuals use various types of social media every day if we examine the usage of the popular site Facebook and the number of users accessing from personal computers alone that estimates about 152,226,000 people, this does not including the mobile app and mobile web users (Barozzi, 2012 p.5). The number of people who use social media may seem staggering but a lot of people use social media to build relationships and network with hundreds of people that they might not have been able to meet or talk with, without the use of technology. The number of users is not only increasing but the number of teens and young adults that are using social media sites has also increased in recent years. An astounding 73% of people between the ages of twelve and seventeen, in 2009, were using social media, this compared to 2007, had increased fifteen percent over the two year span. Of the young adolescents using social media 55% of them between the ages of 12-13 had created a profile page, while 82% of them ages 14-17 had created a profile page. This number is very crucial because it shows that many young people are using social media as a way to connect themselves with other people (Hinduja and Patchin, 2010). It is important to note that many students and young adults alike use social media for more than just entertainment purposes they use it to contact teachers about assignments and to stay connected to family and friends. It is important to note key statistics about bullying and how they may not accurately represent the student population at large. The National Center for Education Statistics student report on bully for 2007 reports, 31.7% of students reporting being bullied, while 3.7% report some form of cyber bullying (National Center for Education Statistics,2007). This is compared to the 2009 student report on bullying where 28% of students reported being bullied while, 6% of students reported some form of cyber bullying(NCES, 2009). While, this is a total of a 1% decrease the total number of students used in the 2009 study was significantly lower from the 2007 study, 8,166,000 students compared to 7,066,000 which is a total difference of 1,106,000 (NCES 2007,2009). The difference...

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