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The Effects Of Socialization On Child Development

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When I graduate from the University of Memphis, I want to be able to apply social de-velopment in children developing anxiety disorders while becoming an elementary school teach-er. A child’s exposure to positive socialization and the success of child developmental stages and is what the development of an individual depends on. The following will present the relationship between human development and socialization. Then explain what an anxiety disorder is and how the relationship between human development and socialization is affected by this disorder. Human development, socialization, and anxiety disorder relate to common factor areas such as time, culture, context, social and physical development.

Human Development Relationship
Time and Socialization
Every child needs to be taught what is socially acceptable in order for a he or she in any school level to successfully satisfy every phase of human development. Socialization has several interpretations but, the general interpretation is the process of interactions by which an individual understands the norms of his or her cultural group pertaining to beliefs, language, attitudes, and values (Gecas, 2011). As the child obtains the understanding of his or her group the child begins to gain an intelligence of self and personality. “Socialization therefore addresses two important problems in social life: societal continuity from one generation to the next and human develop-ment. (Gecas, 2011, para.1).” Socialization is a procedure that acquires a lifetime (Gecas, 2011). Time and patience is a huge factor when it comes to raising a child. Students from different age groups demand all the time necessary to develop their skills and knowledge while climbing the ladder of success. While family and parents are the most dominant experiences throughout a child’s life, they also become a part of my socialization. I want to instill the same amount of time and patience in my students as my parents gave me while growing up. Erik Ericson’s hypothesis on growth and progress highlights the thought that socialization is an aspect of life that a children experiences throughout their lives. Erickson’s theory gives eight stages that are associated with all the different developmental life stages, “integrity versus despair, generativity versus self-absorption, intimacy versus isolation, identity versus identity confusion, industry versus inferi-ority trust versus mistrust, initiative versus guilt, and autonomy versus shame” (Gecas, 2011, pa-ra. 28).” Human development and socialization are used to define what is normal in human de-velopment and how abnormal behaviors are recognized. Some students would develop anxiety...

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