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The Effects Of Software Piracy On Society And The Economy

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The effects of software piracy on society and the economy
Recently %57 of personal computer users around the world admit they use pirated software. Why is using pirated software rate above %50 on the world ? The important issue is to be based on the particular findings of the crimes committed. Firstly to help faciliate a clear understanding of defense BSA organization`s publication of the " software piracy " is necessary to specify the definition. The current definition is as follows " softwarepiracy is the unauthorised copying on distribution of copyrighted software. This can be done copying , downloading, sharing, selling or installing multiple copies onto personal or work computers. ...view middle of the document...

Can anything that affects country`s economy negatively be legal ? Absolutely , the autherities should be effective measures about this. Digital software marketplace will lose value and importance. On the other hand these people have a family responsibilty. Considering a combination of such damages pirate software using prohibited. In addition the crimes committed
by BSA organizations are followed. A benefit of using illegel ones must not be thought. Considering all the factors that are damaging to the country`s economy. When used a small software piracy, we think there is no harm, statistics show us how wrong we were. Actually everything to make sumamry, plagiarism is illegal.
When we look at the history of computer software we have a culture. Most people are not aware. Every country has it own differences. Therefore use of pirated software is changing ratioç Even there are various piracy type. If we examine the BSA organization of the research following conclusions are appearing. The results published by BSA Organization in the following way " software piracy rate by region, Western Europe % 32, Central and Eastern Europe %62, Middle East and Africa %58, Asia Pasific %60, North America %19, Latin America %61." Also , according to a note , effect of...

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