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The Effects Of Soil Erosion Essay

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Over cultivation, over grazing, and deforestation are all the leading causes of soil erosion, or wearing down of the earth’s soil (Wright & Boorse, 2011). Why are farmers over cultivating? Why is over grazing such a problem? Why is deforestation becoming a problem in the world? The answers are very simple. The solutions are even simpler.
The first thing farmers do is cultivate, or till, the land to control the weeds and to bring oxygen to the soil (Wright & Boorse, 2011). The only problem, it leaves the soil unprotected from wind and water, which can have a negative effect by compressing the soil (Wright & Boorse, 2011). On top of that, aeration and filtration can be worse for the ...view middle of the document...

The nutrients are then decreased and erosion takes place (Wright & Boorse, 2011). When water is not absorbed, it becomes runoff. When the runoff and sediments, or eroding soil, flows into the rivers or streams this causes flooding and pollution (Wright & Boorse, 2011). Flooding is due to channels being clogged with sediments, which pollutes the water, and the effect it has is negative. It kills fish and coral reefs, and leads to the damage of the ecosystem (Wright & Boorse, 2011). This is why it’s important for the water to be absorbed and recharged in the reservoirs.
To correct the negative impact that over cultivating has on the soil, a few things have been recommended. First, the use of smaller farming equipment could impact the soil less (Wright & Boorse, 2011). Crop rotation is a must. Farmers have to be consistent, every three years they need to be doing crop rotation (Wright & Boorse, 2011). Contouring the land is also an option. Contouring is “the practice of tilling sloped land along lines of consistent elevation in order to conserve rainwater and to reduce soil losses from surface erosion” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011, para 1).
To avoid over grazing and further deforestation, the government has come up with two solutions....

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