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The Effects Of Stress In Our Life

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Putting a little stress in our life
Living in a society where many things cause stress in the lives of people whether it be because of work, school, family, friends, traffic on the freeway, unemployment, bills, children, and the list goes on and on. When visiting the doctor about symptoms of headaches, not getting enough sleep, or worried about a lot of things the doctor say that person has signs of stress and tells that person how they should handle by resting, exercising, and other things that help stress relief. The question from many maybe what is stress? Stress is a strange pressure on the body that does not allow the body to function properly. Most people who stress assume something ...view middle of the document...

Research at Ohio State University studied that “acute Short term stress reduced the risk of those diseases” (Wenner, 2009). When talking about health and stress it is considered bad to be over stressed but what if being under stressed is a bad thing as well. That if a person is not under any stress then when a tragic moment does happen the results will be hard to handle because of the nonexistent of stress or little to no stress in people lives. According to Monika Fleshner an associate professor of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder has done many studies on the topic of stress responses. She explains that if stress is not activated enough, it could produce higher levels of stress hormones when it is turned on (kotz, 2008). Other individuals have also done studies to prove that stress is a good thing that can happen in a person’s life. Stress can boost an IQ, it is beneficial in pregnancies, can boost the immune system, and it can improve a person’s love life; these are all things that can happen that are positive in a person’s life and if the cause is stress then why are people not let a little stress into his or her daily lives.
Stress is not just something that can helping to a specific group of people stress effects the lives of every individual even little children with school work and playing sports children can be tied up in a lot of stress and some of it might be bad ,but then again maybe not. The example of sports came to mind because a lot of kids are becoming very active in sports actives. Now days...

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