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The Effects Of Stress In The Workplace

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Today the world is at fast pace and people are having a lot of pressures and demands at workplace. A person who suffers from pressures or stresses in other words, their normal psychological and physiological well-being also gets affected. Stress is a body’s process of responding to a task [1]. Stress typically defines a negative condition or a positive condition that can have an influence on a person’s mental and physical well-being [1]. Stress is defined in various forms pressure from the environment, then as pressure within the person; also interaction between the situation and the individual. It is the psychological and physical state that results when the belongings of the individual are not adequate to manage with the demand and pressures of the situation. Stress can undermine the achievement of goals, both for individuals and for organizations [3]. The degree of stress experienced depends on the functioning of two protective physiological mechanisms. First is alarm reaction, that is, when confronted with a threat to our safety, our first response is physiological arousal. Second is adaptation, that is, it allows us to cease responding when we learn that stimuli in the environment are no longer a threat to our safety. There are various signs of stress which includes how you feel, how you think, how you behave and how your body adapts and reacts. There are many types of stress: good stress as eustress, bad stress as distress, acute distress and chronic distress [2]. Stress takes place at work which is termed as workplace stress or occupational stress. It is a measure of pressure an individual senses in relative to his/her job. A variety of external factors can lead to job stress. These include: work schedule, pace of work, job security, route to and from work, and the number and nature of customers or clients [3]. Even noise, including people talking and talking and telephones ringing, contributes to stress. Personal factors also influence stress [3]. For example, Type A personalities – people who are workaholics and who feel driven to always be on time and meet deadlines – normally place themselves under greater stress than do others.
Stress management refers to the varied scale of methods and therapies meant at directing a person’s stages of stress. The process of stress management is named as one of the keys to a happy and successful life in modern society. There are stress management programs for individuals and at workplace. As individuals, we all handle with stress differently. There are few things in life we can control totally but there are some we can influence as well. At workplace level the prevention and management requires organizational level interventions, because it is the organization that creates the stress. Organizational interventions can be of many types, ranging from structural to psychological. To manage stress there are many ways....

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