The Effects Of Technology In Conscious Communication

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There are four main components to being a conscious communicator. Conscious communicators are mindful; they respect diversity, display awareness of communication as a process and require the balancing of strategy, ethics, and outcomes. As communication methods have advanced over the years technology has both positively and negatively affected our society. Society has now been consumed by the use of iPhone, emails, instant messengers, iPad, laptops, social media, and text messaging. Did life before technology require people to communicate effectively and become engaged? Are people allowing technology communication to intrude the boundaries of home with work? Have people become less engaged?
Before technology became demanding people engaged in more meaningful conversations with others. “We are creating and encouraging a culture of distraction when we are increasingly disconnected from the people and events around us and unable to engage in long form thinking.” (Kraus, 2012) A pew research study stated that people no longer get into detailed conversation. It seems that even at casual dinner with friends you will notice that soon everyone at the table is engaging in conversation on their cell phones. People consider the accessibility a form of multi-tasking. “Doing several things at one time curbs the ability to focus on one single task.” (Williams, 2005) The book, “The Tipping Point,” the author states that electronic tools have added to clutter in our lives. (Gladwell, 2002) He further concludes that “They interrupt our conversations and concentration; interfere with creative thinking, strategic thought, and in general force us to multitask. (Gladwell, 2002) Because of the accessibility of communicating in business work life for some people has become a 24 hour dedication. Instead of people spending time being creative and innovative people are spending hours of a day using devices to connect us to the world outside while neglecting our current environment. Technology has changed the way we communicate and share important information. “We terminate employees, break off relationships with loved ones, and communicate good and bad news over the airways in succinct short comments.” (Golden, 2003) It is important that people begin to examine the way we use technology and how it affects us at our workplace and personal life.
According to Shen Rosen it has been said that we focus too much on technology. People have gone from being journalist to adviser, now webmasters. “We are so enamored with technology that we think it can do anything.” (Rosen, 2000) No longer is communication looked upon as a process but rather we focus on sending messages.” (Rosen, 2000) No longer are people focused on the receiver of the message but simply, “Sending the message efficiently.” (Rosen, 2000) The strength being technology is noted as being the mass amount and time it was delivered. People are urged to view communication again as a “human...

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