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The Effects Of Technology On Teenager's Communication

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The Effects of Technology on Communication in Teenagers

Discussion of the use of mobile phone and its impact on teenagers’ ability to communicate is no longer a new topic and is widespread among communication and sociology scholars. There are ongoing debates arguing whether does technology make for better communication or the other way round. It is undeniable to say that technology is a massive aid to communication but it is also impossible to ignore the influence of mobile phone use on our society, especially among the youths. As technology is growing at an astounding speed, new devices are created to assist us to work at a faster and more efficient pace (Paskoff, 2011). However, in a ...view middle of the document...

Teenagers often spend so much time on their mobile phones and tablets; they lose time to connect face-to-face with their friends and family and this proves that technology has created damage to interpersonal communication to a certain extent. The use of abbreviations and slangs such as “FYI” and “BTW” which stand for “for your info” and “by the way” have made texting faster and easier; but people often too rely on using these abbreviations it might affect the ability to express ideas formally using proper grammar in daily interpersonal communication. It has also damage the ability to communicate effectively when people are too used to texts and online chats; they find it difficult or awkward to communicate face-to-face.

After analysing the appropriate academic information, observation field notes and materials collected, a research question entitled “Has the use of mobile phones hinder face-to-face communication in teenagers?” has generated. This research question aims to find out has the use of mobile phones aid or harm face-to-face communication in teenagers and examine their social interactions and the details of how they talk and behave together when using technologies.



A concern for using observation as research method is who will be selected by the observer to participate in the study. Most of the time, the individuals should be representative of the population under investigation. However, this research required the observer to remain as an outsider and non-probability sampling was adopted due to time constraint (this activity was only carried out twice). According to Weerakkody (2009), in non-probability sampling a sample is chosen from the population without following any mathematical guidelines. The observer has acquired a convenience (or availability) sampling method that falls under non-probability sampling by using subjects who are readily available at the chosen site.

This observation activity was carried out twice in March and was carried out at a Japanese cuisine restaurant – Aisuru Sushi that located at William Street, Northbridge. The subjects in this research consisted of 20 teenagers (7 men, 13 women) who went to Aisuru Sushi. The ethnic background of informants varied (and is estimated roughly due to assignment requirements), with 80% Asian and 20% Australians.


The materials for the present study consisted of a laptop, an iPad and an iPhone. During the first observation, a diary journal notebook functioning as record sheets in which observations were recorded and two ballpoint pens to write down narrative notes. During the second observation, an iPad and an iPhone were used to substitute the diary journal notebook and pens. The reason for replacing notebook and pens with tablet and phone is because these electronic devices serve as a better disguise and create less suspicion at the chosen site. Other than that, such digital devices not only provide more flexible...

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