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“The Effects Of Technology On Teens”

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Technology is used every single day by an average high school student. The effects are almost always present. Technology is very important in everyone’s life but does it help or only distract the teenagers of today in an educational setting? With everything possible and available for students to use in or against their favor, Technology will affect them in a way (Singh). Rather it is a good or a bad effect. Although people tend to go straight to the bad effects of technology brought upon students such as a bad work habit, lack of focus, or to rely on the technology fully. There are also many good benefits that come with technology, such as furthering their studies, understanding, and even an easy way to communicate to get help.
Technology can very easily become an addictive substance (Page). Students might use it as an escape from their problems when really the technology is only causing them increased future stress. Students are easily distracted and some cannot even have a technological device on them in fear that they will be too tempted to pull it out. Some students believe that technology is only used as a stress reliever and, although it can be used as one, it is the main cause of bad grades in today’s society (Brown). Over time students start to gain the habit of “playing before work”, properly known as “work before play”, when students get home they would go straight to playing with their technology rather than getting their work done then following it up with the stress relieving technology. This bad work habit that some students have acquired from technology can lead to them having to result in cheating to help their grades from depleting. Not only is a bad work habit a negative effect of technology’s use on students but some tend to even gain a lack of focus in class.
The most important thing you need to do in any education setting is homework and with technology present some teens can find it hard to lock down and focus on their assignment. Knowing how distracting and the work habit technology can cause some people might come to the conclusion right away that technology shouldn’t be present in their homes (Rozalind). With a lack of focus it is only getting harder for students to catch up in their classes when they get behind. When students put of one assignment and don’t find any real punishment for it, it only makes them feel free to repeat this work habit. Finally when teachers explain how important the assignments are to the student it is too late, they have gained this terrible work ethic and have no self discipline. Some people might argue that this is why parents need to be strict (Korte). This is one easy solution. In today’s society parents tend to blame the teachers for their son or daughters grades rather than the actual student (Harvey). This only leads to an increased lack of focus, and bad work habit leading them farther and farther from recovery. When students gain this lack of focus it can lead them to having to rely on...

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