The Effects Of Technology Warfare Due To The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The effects that technology warfare did to the Americans and Japanese, due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were equal. Radar, the atomic bomb, high powered weapons and aircraft play an important role in these two events that will be talked about. The technology had to be right for these events or the events and plans possibly could have not happened.
The invention of radar had a huge impact on many military operations, whether or not it was the United States Military or other countries. Radar was used to detect distant objects by receiving radio waves that are reflected from the object. (Foley 4)This helped air control personnel at the naval base of Pearl Harbor know that something was on its way to it. If the reader does not think about radar, where would the people be to this day? Attacks would be even more of a surprise. It would be harder for America to find their own military personnel and identify friendly or enemy vehicles. Radar has come a long way throughout the years.
Radar stands for Radio Detection and ranging, it dates back to the 1880’s when Heinrich Hertz first invented it. (Farina 1-1) Many other inventors eventually started inventing their own type of radar. Christian Hulsmeyer in 1904 had a patent for monostatic pulse radar which was used for the detection of ships for preventing collision at sea. In 1922 A. Hot et al. observed a fluctuating signal at the receiver when a shipped passed between the receiver and transmitter. (Farina 1-1)
There are many different types of radar used in the attack on Pearl Harbor and to this day. There were military radars, civil aviation radars, weather radars, mapping radar, impulse radar, radar guns, etc. During World War II, the development of radar had a boost. Over one hundred radars at 100 MHz were delivered to the U.S Army for long range air search, one of these which were used to detect the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Farina 1-2)
The first sign of the attack on Pearl Harbor was noticed on December 7th, 1941. One of the Hawaiian Department’s new mobile radar “listening posts’ was situated on top of Kahuku Point on Oahu’s northernmost tip. (Horvat 1) The radar had only been in operation for about two weeks. The key item of equipment was the SCR-270B Radio Detection Finder, a primitive form of radar. (Horvat 1) At 7 a.m., two soldiers known as Lockard and Elliot decided to work overtime. Elliot says about two minutes after seven o clock; he saw something out of the ordinary on the radar screen. It looked like two big blips. Lockard thought it was a default in the system, after a few adjustments to the screen he noticed that it was two large groups of airplanes. The two soldiers notified the information center at Fort Shafter. (Horvat 1)
The attack on Pearl Harbor was December 7th, 1941. At 7:55 a.m. the first set of Japanese were seen southeast of Hickam Field, fighters soon joined by 28 bombers. (Horvat 2) The Japanese had made three separate...

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