The Effects Of Teenage Runaways Essay

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Have you ever thought of running away because things at home are hard? If so, did you also think of all the effects it will have on you now and as an adult? Teenagers that run away from home do not think of all the effects it can have on them at the time and as they get older. All the teen things thinks at the time is that it will be easier if they can get away from home because it will be less stressful and will not have to deal with what they are running from. Reality checks in when the teen realizes that they have to face more and bigger problems on the street. They will not have any money, food to eat, somebody looking out for them or a safe place to sleep and stay. Running away is not the solution to problems that teens have at home. Teens do not realize that running away have serious long term effects such as health effects, drug abuse, mental illnesses, and low education and economic.
A three year survey of four hundred fifty five runaway teens were leaded by sociologists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The survey showed that runaway teens are highly more likely than average teens to surfer from mental disorders such as conduct disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and severe depression. Kurt Johnson who is one the sociologists said “seventy four percent of male runaways and fifty seven percent of female runaways in the study have conduct disorder, compared to fifteen percent of the general teen population. Also twenty three percent of males and forty three percent of females show symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder” (“Study on Runaways”). Psychological which is also known as a mental disorder. It is a pattern on behavioral or psychological symptoms that impact multiple life areas and create distress for the person experiencing these symptoms. Mental illness is a medical condition that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, and ability, to relate to others it will also affect their daily functioning.
Teen runaways are three times more possible to commit suicide than a teen that does not runaway. Being a teen runaway increases suicidal thoughts by fifty one percent (“Long Term Effect”). Having suicidal thoughts can affect your health because, it will put you into depression and this will make the teen sick because they will not want to eat. With the teenager being homeless it does not help because they are already not getting what they need. This can lead to having heart problems or having something wrong with them. “Forty four percent of runaway teens will have health issues that prevent them from doing moderate activities” (“Long term Effect”). Teens that do not live at home are not able to go to the doctors and get their shots properly and this can lead them to getting sick or diseases.
Teens that runaway will do things to get money, such as stealing, trading items or even having sex to get money. When they do this they can get diseases and get severally sick...

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