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The Effects Of The Attacks On The Twin Towers In September 2001

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The Purpose of this paper is to analyze the effects of the terrorist attacks that were launched against the United States of America on September the 11TH 2001. It will look at the way in which the state has since legitimized its capabilities of force and violence. From looking at the United States response to the attacks, with what is widely known as the “war on terror” it hopes to uncover evidence to suggest that the attacks permitted the United States and consequently, the United Kingdom to undergo a process of legitimization of previously illegitimate acts of violence and force, consequently, causing a breakdown of individuals civil rights and the unlawful killing of many innocent civilians. It is hypothesized that this war on terror may lay evidence to propose that Hannah Arendt’s claim that the act of war ever becoming violent is unlikely within a nuclear postmodern world and furthermore, that violence and the threat of it can no longer be used as a means to reach political goals or achieve power. It could also suggest that the war on terror has consequently led to support Weber’s theory of the “Violence Monopoly of the State” (1919:59), in which Arendt aimed to dismiss the strength of in modern times. Furthermore the apparent long-term financial gain that the United States have been said to make from the sale and export of weaponry arms used in this war on terror, alongside the monopoly of oil supplies could support Marxist theorists’ view that violence of the state is ultimately linked to the economic forces of capitalism.
The Attacks upon the United States consisted of a succession of four coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda upon New York City and Washington, D.C. The attacks are said to have killed almost three thousand civilians and caused around ten billion dollars in property and infrastructure damage (Institute for the Analysis of Global Security 2004), making it widely known as the worst case of fundamental terrorism in modern history. What is not so widely known, however, is the human and economic loss that ensued, from the retaliation, which consequently became labeled as the “war on terror”. This war on terror commanded military action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and has at present led to the death of 330,000 people been killed directly from warfare (Veterans for Common Sense 2012) (which is over hundred times the amount of people killed in the initial terror attacks), and 125,000 innocent civilians in Iraq alone (Daily Mail 2011), also, thousands of other civilians are likely to have died indirectly in the following years from the loss of clean drinking water, health care and malnutrition. Economically the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have said to have cost in the region of four trillion Dollars ( 2013), although as we will discuss later this economic cost could in terms of armory production and energy accumulation could in fact, have led to long-term...

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