The Effects Of The Hatian Revolution Of Modern Hati

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I will be writing my paper on the effects of the Haitian Revolution that it has on Haiti today. The reason why I am writing my final paper on this topic is because I feel that the Haitian Revolution was a blessing but also a curse. Haiti today is the poorest country in the western Hemisphere and is not getting better. I am going to talk about the factors that led to Haiti’s downfall. Why Haiti being the first black free nation comes out to be the poorest country in the western hemisphere.
One of the main causes of the Haitian revolution was the social inequality in Haitian society. Slaves made up the vast majority of the population, who were oppressed on a daily basis in the most unprotected ways. They were also deprived economically in a system that produced great wealth. Because of this the abolition of slavery and the social inequalities these slaves received had to get fixed. St. Domingue was about 90 percent slave which made this issue inevitable on the focus of the revolution. During this time political disorder in the colony started to begin with class tensions among the white population. As a French colony, St. Domingue did not receive representation in the Estates-General of 1789, so the grands blancs sent representatives anyway. The grand blancs were ultimately admitted into the French National Assembly, but the vote was only for the whites who owned at least twenty or more slaves. This policy kept out the petits blancs, and the policy held in elections for local assemblies. The petits blancs were arguing in a nationalist manner for their rights as Frenchmen, who fought the grands blancs in a civil war between town and country. However both groups based their political claims on their French heritage, the grands blancs were arguing for liberty to represent the colony and the petits blancs were...

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