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The Effects Of Video Games And Violence

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Over the century, video games have become quite an attraction among people of all ages and culture. A statistic showed that the age bracket for video gaming ranges from eight to forty year olds (Baran, 2012). With the (moving ahead or up) of technology, video games also have (moving ahead or up) in its interest in what's lifelike and real and (types of writing or art). The technologies allowed video games to become very fancy (or smart) and realistic. This type of (moving ahead or up) had brought the Video gaming to a multi-billion dollar industry. However, with the level of interest in what's lifelike and real, there are also negative affects to society. Since the creation of violent video ...view middle of the document...

came out in the 20th century, there were many arguments if the game is violent. Even though the games consisted of (based on a made-up idea) cartoon characters, the goal of the whole game was to select a character and fight to the death; the winner (completes things/reaches goals) higher powers and abilities. (opposite from what's expected), recent games of the 21st century such as: Mortal Kombat, Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, and most famously (for something bad) debated Grand Theft Auto all involves some type of high blood and guts and blood violence and a reward system for it. For example, in Mortal Kombat, at the end of a match, when a player has weakened their opponents, they are given the chance to do more damage called "Death". Death involves over-killing such as cutting off head, ripping skin, burning.
The standards for violence five years ago is very different from the violence standards of today. Today, the term violence through video games is thought of/considered by the interest in what's lifelike and real in severely injure, crimes, blood, and unusual methods that a person would never act in society. These exposures to violent graphics also affect the player's body-related and mental functions. An update, previous meta-analytic studies of violent video games underestimate the true importance of watched/followed harmful effects on behavior, thinking, and affect ( Anderson, 2003). Advantaged technology video games came out everyday and more technologist and more interest in what's lifelike and real . The Games are more blood and violence, it make player's more active when they playing games and more involved and in control. Most games have blood, many weapons such as bombs or rifles. Being exposed to those behaviors in the game, dead bodies and blood can make the players insensitive to violence. Player will tend to be more aggressive, more likely to experience/likely to get argument with everybody, maybe start/work at fights with their peers. It is indirect effect on their mood and their behavior.
When a person plays a video game, there are all sorts of chemical and body-related reactions within the player's body. These types of reactions to the video games happen because players are more involved and in control; people interact with video games, not watch them. Studies have shown that the (parts of the brain) within the brain is the most activated as a person is exposed to violent video games. The (parts of the brain) consists of the amgydala, (part of the brain), thalamus, and the hippocampus. When a player becomes interactive with the video games, all of the brain structures are active. However, when it comes to violent video games, the most important of the four are the amgydala and the (part of the brain). The amgydala controls a person's (angry, violent behavior) and the (part of the brain) controls is responsible for controlling your response to pain, levels of pleasure, sexual satisfaction, and anger. Some of the games...

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