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The Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

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How do you think video games can help you? It is actually one of the hardest questions to answer. It is a real mystery to most people. They can help you and harm you in many different ways. Researchers have been trying to find the answer for so many years now. They found since 2004 to present day, so many people play video games that we have built up 50 billion hours total of playing video games which almost adds up to 5.9 million years of gaming time in total. That is so long that it sounds like the early settlers like Mesopotamia had been playing video games!

There are many types of video games but here are some examples I found: Violent, pro-Social, productive and horror. ...view middle of the document...

In that game, you can build a simple house, or build a castle, or a tower, or a roller coaster, or open a door just by walking on a pressure plate. But sadly, there are not that many games like that.

Then there is pro-social. These games like it says in the name can help you with social life and you can even have friends play with you and there is obviously a chat center on those games. These games can sometimes also require teamwork. Games like these can pop up anywhere. For example, there are games you can do on Xbox Live. With that, you can play games with friends even if they are far away.

There are many different theories about video games. Some say there good, some say there bad and some don’t know. It has been a great mystery everyone has been trying to solve for years to come. One man named Akio Mori the co-founder of Sony had a theory about the beta waves (waves associated with a heightened state of alertness) that run through your brain. He discovered that playing violent video games affected the brain’s prefrontal region. He called this the “Game Brain”.

Another website I found, CBS news, said it can help senior citizens with their memory and with their multitasking skills. They also said any type of game (except violent and horror games), can help your brain in a lot of different ways. It can help with having a good memory, multitasking, good reflexes, hand & eye coordination, and many more skills. However games that are violent or gory, don’t really do that kind of stuff for you that much.

Another theory says that these men were tested on the subject I’m researching and what they did is that they had the men (no names specified) play Super Mario 64. They played for two months for 30 minutes each day. Then they did an MRI on the guys and they found that the men had the desire to play more than what was...

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