The Effects Of Violent Pornography On Male's Aggression Towards Women

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The area that I am interested in is the effects of violent pornography on men. There is a correlation between the amount of pornography consumed and attitudes that support violence against women. There is also an association between the type of pornography consumed (violent or non-violent) and their attitudes that support violence against women. Pornography contributes to the rape culture seen in today’s society. Men who watch more pornography and pornography that depicts non-consensual sexual activities are more likely to have attitudes that support violence and non-consensual sex with women.
In the study “Pornography, Individual Differences in Risk and Men’s Acceptance of Violence Against Women in a Representative Sample,” conducted by Malamuth, N. M., Hald, G., and Koss, M, the association between amount of pornography consumed and attitudes supporting violence against women is supported.
We want to know how type of pornography effects men’s aggression towards women. This experiment attempts to answer this question.
Hypothesis: In the sample, there will be an association between type of pornography used, violent and non-violent, and aggressive attitudes towards women.
All participants are students, undergraduate and graduate, at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. The participants consisted of 120 men whose ages ranged from 18 to 69 (M=23±3.14 years). The sample was acquired through advertisements in the university newspaper as well as the subject pool for sexual research at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

Sampling Procedure:
Before the experiment, all 120 participants will be given informed consent forms that fully go over the experiment’s procedure, goal, as well as the knowledge that they are free to leave at any time, for any reason, and without penalty during the experiment.
After consent was given, the participants were asked to fill out a 300 question survey regarding the amount of pornography consumed weekly and their attitudes on violence against women. Participants were also asked what their likelihood to rape would be if they were guaranteed that they would not to be caught or punished. They answered on a five point scale with 1 being that they would not and 5 being that they would. The participant would be classified as a Low LR (likely to rape) if he answered 1-2 and a High LR if he answered 3-5. The results for aggression from the survey were also ranked 1-5; 1 being in the low risk and 5 being high risk. 80 randomly selected participants were put into the first two groups and matched with a partner based off of their survey results on the amount of pornography that they consumed on a weekly basis, LR score, as well as aggression.
The first group was asked to return to the clinic 3 times a week to watch sexually violent pornography and to watch the pornographic materials supplied to them by the moderators for 4 weeks. The second group was asked to return to...

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