The Effects On The Industrial Revolution

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The effects on society due to the industrial revolution varied on the person. Working during this area varied on what you liked to do versus what you had to do. People who liked their work didn’t usually have to do that job, but people forced to work didn’t really like their job or just had a bad job overall. While some might argue that industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because of how America shaped and changed all of it to improve the way people work today, it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrializations negative effects were bad working conditions, long and strenuous hours, injury and even death took it role on the society during this time.
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All of these show a good example on what the people back then use to go through just to have a job.
Next, the hours of the workers were absolutely ridiculous and crazy. People during this time would work every day and have about the same hours every day. A lot of the people’s hours would be something like 4 in the morning to 11 at night, and they would have to work the whole week. People would not get the chance to go home and be with their families much because they were working so much (Document 2). People couldn’t just quit because they didn’t like their job, or because they didn’t spend enough time with their families. People couldn’t quit because they needed the job and they needed the money in order to buy food and other goods and needs that the family had to acquire. People would go the longest time without spending time with their families that some of them felt as if their family members were becoming strangers. Spending more time in the factories meant that there was a greater chance of getting injured too and even dying.
Finally, many people had gotten injured due to work or work related tasks, and some people even died. Many of these injuries and deaths were caused by the bad working conditions, illnesses, working long hours, and loss of family stability. All of these played a big role in the injuries and deaths of the workers. Bad working conditions causes many injuries and deaths because people would fall off buildings...

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