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The Effects That Stress Might Have On Individuals, A Survery

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I have designed a questionnaire that I sent out to colleagues within my work place. The questionnaire demonstrates the outcome of Stress management focusing on the effects stress may have on the individual. The aim was to assess their own time and stress management in their work place, determine if they are confident with their own time and to ascertain what causes them to feel stress during their day to day tasks.
The relationship between time and stress management are very similar. Both cause different reactions with different people. Stress is our body’s reaction to events within our lives such as major change which could prove positive as well as negative for the individual ...view middle of the document...

14. If I have to train new starters my work load suffers
15. I am passionate about my job.
16. It is Important to me to ensure my designated tasks are completed each day.
17. It is Important to me to meet my targets.
18. I am motivated by personal success.
19. I am motivated by money/bonus
20. Lack of engineers in my area cause me more work.
21. When urgent jobs come in I struggle to sort them as well as my normal work.
22. Recent changes in the business have made me worry about my role
23. I don’t know how best to prioritise my tasks.
24. I use time management techniques.
25. My colleagues and I work well together.

Conclusion of Stress Questionnaire
Out of 15 individuals who completed the questionnaire, 67% of these felt as though they did not have enough time within their working day to complete their work. The same figure also concluded that they worry about the consequences of not getting their work completed nor do they know how to prioritise their tasks. These individuals show signs of potential stress. These 3 questions in particular show the effect the workplace is having on the individual’s emotions and state of mind and therefore they could require more support as well as time management training.
More positively, the questionnaire showed that 87% are passionate about their jobs and that achieving targets is important to them. Also 58% indicated that they feel confident when carrying out their role and that they use time management techniques. Surprisingly, the above results were from the same questionnaires.
My questionnaire shows that if time management skills are implemented, the individual feels confident and happy within the workplace.

Importance of Time Management
Time management is very effective. Every day, you have the same amount of time within your working day which can at times be limited if urgent situations arise. If time management is practised and planned well it will lead to a more productive working environment allowing you to relax and make the right choices. Time management is important because when you feel pressured or distracted it can force you to make a drastic decision and this sometimes turns out to be the wrong one. When you are rushed you automatically feel more stressed. When you have too much to do, you feel under pressure and worried. Therefore, good time management will enable you to understand the time limits you have and will enable you to proactively prioritise your workload. You will be able to understand how long the task will take you to complete and you will become a more efficient worker.
The key to success is Time Management. When you learn to control time and prioritise efficiently this in turn will help you to feel more confident and it will also enable you to take control of your working life.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses within Time Management
There are many Strengths and weaknesses of Time Management which...

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