The Ego And Its Own Essay

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Ethical egoism can be a well-debated topic about the true intention of an individual when he or she makes an ethical decision. Max Stirner brings up a very intriguing perspective in writing, The Ego and its Own, regarding ethical egoism. After reading his writing some questions are posed. For example, are human beings at the bottom? Following Wiggins and Putnam, can we rise above our egoism and truly be altruistic? And finally, if we are something, do we have the capacity to rise to a level that we can criticize and transcend our nature? These questions try to establish whether or not we are simple humans, bound to our intrinsic nature, or far more intellectually advanced than we allow ...view middle of the document...

Although it may seem an unselfish sacrifice, she “humbly subjected herself to a higher power” which intern goes back to the idea that Stirner critiques of higher beings. He explains how these ‘spooks’ influence how we think, act, and view ourselves. It is almost implying that we cannot think for ourselves. And much worse, that we can never truly know what we as individual think, how we would naturally act, and how we view ourselves in an unbiased light.
Can we psychological rise beyond that? Beyond the impressionable mindset that has been imposed upon us? Sterner states that our thinking has been biased by everything that we have been taught and what we have learned. So can we rise above our psychological egoism and be sincerely be altruistic? We could argue that, but it does not seem possible that a person can rise above their psychological egoism and do a completely altruistic act with no benefit of their own because we do not have the psychological capacity for that. We are too selfish to do anything that...

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