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The Elderly Should Be Re Tested If They Want To Drive

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By the time we get to our teenage years, we think we know it all. We want to be out and about from the house doing the things teenagers enjoy doing. Such as going to the movies, the mall, and hanging out with friends. But we can’t get there if we don’t have a driver’s license. In order to get from point A to point B, we need a driver’s license. Possessing a driver’s license is a privilege; it is not guaranteed to all. There are laws and rules that need to be followed for a person 16 years of age to obtain a driver’s license; a driver’s education class needs to be completed to be able to get your driver’s license in addition to completing and passing both written and driving test. As we get older, things change and our ability to drive isn’t as great as before. Once a senior citizen hits a certain age they should not be allowed to drive.
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Not all people know how to follow the rules of the road. We all know someone over the age of 60, and have asked ourselves if maybe they are too old to drive. I noticed my grandfather who, at around the age of 75, began to lose his vigilance on the road. He was slow to react to signal lights and became increasingly unable to hear when an emergency vehicle was approaching. He would have the signal to proceed, but it would take some time to react until the cars behind him started to show agitation and honk. I’ve also noticed other elderly drivers while on streets and freeways do similar things my grandfather did as well as witnessed news reports on the elderly causing accidents, some major and some minor; e.g. when an elderly driver failed to stop at a stop sign striking kids as they were crossing the street. There are numerous other examples where the elderly did not see the red light, or didn’t react quickly enough hitting the car in front of them.
We see that not only can elderly drivers be a danger to others on the road, but they can also be a danger to themselves. The risk of crashes rises with age, last thing we want to see is someone we love and care about hurt in a serious accident. As there are rules designed by each state to obtain a license, those same rules need to be followed in order to keep your license once you reach a certain age. Not all drivers can continue to drive, but when you pose a risk to other drivers on the road, pedestrians, and yourself, then further action needs to be taken.

If we need to be tested as young adults, to be allowed to drive, then the elderly should be re-tested as well once they reach a certain age to see if they are still capable of driving safety. Our ability to think and react quickly decreases over time as the mind and body ages. I advise that in order for the elderly to be allowed to continue to drive, they need to pass a physical test and gain approval from their doctor. This approval would attest to their hearing and vision skills and possess the motors skills needed to react quickly to the road and its unconventionalities.

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