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The Election Of Barack Obama As The First Non White President Has Not Brought An End To Racism Issue In America.

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The election of Barack Obama as the first non-white president has not brought an end to racism issue in America.

1.0 Introduction
In 2008, Barack Obama became the first black president by putting together a majority coalition of Latino, black and white voters (Hahn 2012). It is widely portrayed that the issue of racism has changed for the better since Obama’s election. However, Obama’s presidency has not initiated a color-blind community. Racial tension still prevail in America and economy disparity remains significant along racial lines.

2.0 Critical Evaluation of Findings

Obama’s presidency does not change the whites’ beliefs and attitudes toward other races due to the existence of white supremacy. White supremacy is the ideology that whites are superior to other races (Butler 2013). Obama was elected to escape the stigma of racism by whites (Steele 2008).This means that white Americans support Obama because they want to disprove the stigma. According to the findings of Associated Press, from 2008 to 2012, the “implicit anti-black attitudes” in whites rose from 49 percent to 56 percent while the “explicit anti-black attitudes” increased from 48 percent to 51 percent (Potok 2013). All these evidently imply that race relations have worsened since Obama was elected.

Profound disparity between blacks and whites persists even after the election of Obama. Black unemployment and poverty are at their highest levels since Obama took power, and the economic gap between black and white has grown wider (Younge 2011). All the disparity persisted will continue to accuse blacks of inferiority and whites of racism (Steele 2008). In an online debate website, it can be observed that 53% of people support that Obama’ presidency does not close the racial divide between blacks and whites (Did the election of President Obama close the racial...

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