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The Election Of Franklin D. Roosevelt For President

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In November 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the
United States of America. He had beaten his Republican opponent Hoover
with 89% of the electoral votes to 11%. Roosevelt also gained 22.8
million popular votes to Hoover's 15.8 million. For Roosevelt to be
elected into his presidential role, it had taken several events and
reasons for Roosevelt to reach that position.

The previous presidential elections to 1932 were in 1928. 1928 had
been a completely different climate to 1932, the 1920s in America were
seen as extremely 'prosperous' and the economy was 'booming'. The
unemployment rate stood at 3.7% until 1929. Working hours had
decreased to an average of 44 hours a week, whereas wages of the
industrial workers had risen by 14%. Industrial production rose by
50%, and the GNP stood at almost $104 billion. The people of America
were also spending more time and money on entertainment. The 1920s
were also a good decade for cinema, and 80 million tickets were being
sold weekly.

With all the prosperity, people had little reason to complain. The
current government, run by Herbert Hoover a Republican, adopted a
policy of no interference with America's economy, called
laissez-faire. The government did however; introduce policies that
affected the economy. Tax reductions was one example, the reductions
mainly benefited the wealthy. Also as the government had few personnel
to enforce regulations, many businesses were left to carry on with
their business as they pleased. These policies satisfied many and gave
them no reason to have any problem with the government's running of
the country. The laissez-faire policy was a Republican policy, not a
Democratic one- which is the party Roosevelt stood for. For the 1928
elections, the government's laissez-faire policy helped win them the
election. This policy was to fail the Republican's the following year,
allowing Roosevelt and the Democrats back in to the running for

As 1928 turned into 1929, many people were investing in the newly
revolutionised motor vehicle industry; there were almost 26.5 million
cars on the roads in America. Electrical goods were being developed
every day, and in 1929, 160 million had been sold. Due to the massive
consumer boom, easy credit was introduced. By the end of 1929, $7
billion of goods- household and luxury- were sold by credit. Easy
credit led consumers to believe that they could 'get rich quick'. In
reality, these schemes mostly left consumers open to con men. One
prime example of this was the Florida Land Boom. Previously in 1926,
people's greed and investment in never seen properties on the coast of
Florida had left 50,000 people homeless and 400 people dead. The
properties they had invested in were built three-quarters of a mile
from a non-existent town in an area that...

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