The Election Of President Barrack Hussein Obama

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The election of President Barrack Hussein Obama was one of the greatest movements in history for the United States of America. This election brought to America a symbol of change, and with that change came hope. However, were the Americans blinded by their own hopes of this change? The campaign of Obama was so focused on ‘change’, because that is what the people wanted to hear. Many people claim that Barrack Obama is a great president, who is helping the poor, and has made a monumental impact for the black communities. Yet, there seem to be more people who see past the show that Obama presents. Yes, there has been change, but in what forms has it come? When one looks at the political and non-political agenda of this president, a new light is shed. Maybe the change isn’t about being a black president; maybe it is about changing the direction of the United States government.
The following paper will touch on the controversies of Obama’s qualifications for office. From here, I will bring to surface many of Obama’s flaws in character, such as dishonesty and hypocrisy. This dishonesty is seen throughout Obama’s terms. It has played a significant role through Obama’s manipulation tactics to misguide America. Then, I will show how Obama is using this manipulation to promote his socialist/anti-colonialism goals for The United States of America.

My name is Asha. I am 6 years old. I go to Senator Obama Primary School in Siaya County, Kenya. My village, Nyang’oma Kogelo, is small, and most of us live in huts. At school Ms. Adoyo teaches my friends and I all about this thing called “hope”. She tells us to keep dreaming and “to have hope, because things will get better”. I don’t know what she means by “better”, though, because this is all I know. Some days I can tell Ms. Adoyo looks sad, even though the shadows of the dark room help hide her face.
One time I overheard her talking with other grownups about Senator Obama helping us with sanitation, electricity, and running water. They all seemed to brush off her comments, saying she needs to get her head out of the clouds and focus on us students. Why were they being so mean to Ms. Adoyo? I did not like that they would not even hear her out. They said 8 years has been long enough to hold a promise, and that hope was now a thing of the past. I do not understand what they meant, but I do know things are not easy on many of us. Out of the 9 students in my class, 3 don’t have and mommy and daddy, so Ms. Adoyo and other teachers have been aiding them as much as they can, with the limited resources we have. I hope Ms. Adoyo is right about change. This world she speaks of where fresh water flows to villages, and rooms can be turned brighter even at night, sounds incredible. Then again, maybe as she is teaching us to dream, she is getting caught up in her own?
Asha’s story is just one of many from other children/orphans attending Senator Obama Primary and Secondary Schools. This is one...

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