The Electoral College Should Be Abolished For Many Clearly Defined Reasons.

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Have you ever wondered where America would be right now if Albert Gore had won the 2000 presidential election, as determined by the popular vote? In the 2000 election, Gore won the popular majority of votes cast for the president in the United States, but because of a system called The Electoral College, George Bush was given the White House. The Electoral College is a system of voting based upon population of individual states: each state is given a number of electors that is equal to the number of house and senate representatives serving that state in Washington D.C. Whichever candidate wins the majority in a specific state receives the number of electors assigned to that state. The Electoral College voting system is incapable of dealing prudently with practical election matters, and should be abolished. First is because the original reasons for which the Electoral College was inaugurated are no longer applicable. What's more, the Electoral College impairs the ability of the people of the United States to fairly and legitimately vote for their representatives. Finally, the Electoral College causes candidates to ignore states where the outcome is certain.The framers' reasons for which the Electoral College was instated will never be known for sure. However, many speculate that our founding fathers did not trust the people to make accurate decisions concerning the election of a leader, mainly due to the lack of communication during that era. However, our founding fathers also did not know that in many years, communication to the people would be almost instantaneous, highly accurate, and accessible to nearly everyone. Therefore, the reasons for the establishment of the Electoral College are no longer pertinent. Why should we tolerate an unfair and unnecessary Electoral College when our modern situation isn't comparable to that of our founding fathers?A much more critical reason for the eradication of the Electoral College is because the votes of the people of the United States are not fairly considered, in more ways than one. The foremost reason is concerning the popular vote; the Electoral College undermines the concept of a government run by the people. What good do our votes do if the candidate earning the majority popular vote doesn't get elected? In a total of four presidential elections, the Electoral College vote winner of the election did not have the popular vote:Election: 1824President: John Quincy AdamsMain Opponent:Andrew Jackson [D-R]Electoral Vote:Winner: 99Main Opponent: 84Popular Vote:Winner: 108,740Main Opponent: 153,544Election: 1876President: Rutherford B. Hayes [R]Main Opponent: Samuel Tilden [D]Electoral Vote:Winner: 185Main Opponent: 184Popular Vote:Winner: 4,036,298Main Opponent: 4,300,590Election: 1888President: Benjamin Harrison [R]Main Opponent:Grover Cleveland [D]Electoral Vote:Winner: 233Main Opponent:...

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