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The Electronic Wallet " Visa "

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1) Credit cards and debit cards are definitely the future. These plastic cards will make the everyday life for banks and retailers a lot easier. Of course they still like to receive money, but cash payments have to be tallied. This takes a lot of time and is a great cost for the banks and retailers. But all of this can be avoided if the customers would be more willing to use debit cards and credit cards. The use of credit and debit cards is an advantage for both retailers and customers. People do not have to carry loads of coins and bills in their wallets anymore. It will be a lot easier to go shopping. Long lines in front of a cash register can also be avoided. It only takes a second to run the card through a machine and then your groceries are paid for. It saves time both for the retailer and the customer. This is something that is appreciated these days. People seem to have less time and when you go shopping with a credit or debit card you surely save some time.So there is no doubt that a cashless society would be an advantage for all of us. But a few problems could occur. It is always difficult to get people used to something new. Many people, especially old people, will maybe have something against these cards. They are perhaps "afraid" of the new technology. So it is the old generation who will cause most problems. Youngsters who are grown up in the information age are probably more apt to use the credit and debit cards. Some people claim that there is...

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709 words - 3 pages payment was cheque because there was too much involvement of the bearer and the money. Some of the people interviewed did not make purchases with cheques at all. It is very uncommon for people to use cheques to pay for small items. The public uses cheques to pay large amounts of money.Other forms of payment include credit cards, visa debit cards, B-pay, Direct Debit, and other electronic transactions. There are many forms that people use to pay

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3035 words - 12 pages substitute to cash in small transactions, say those for $10 orless. Up to now, no single system has really caught on although as far back as the late 1990s two major players emerged.In one corner was the Belgium-developed Proton system backed by VISA; in the other was the UK-based Mondex system which MasterCard had acquired in1996. Nevertheless the quest to develop a universally accepted electronic cash system continues although it seems no nearer

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1136 words - 5 pages the high profile heists of 1.5 million VISA accounts and upwards of 40 million of Target 's customers information being nabbed show that third-party affiliates are often unreliable and unsecured. Bitcoin solves this by cutting these third-parties out and creating a direct link between you and the retailer. To do this you first need to create what is called a wallet. A highly secure file of data stored on your computer, a wallet is your own

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2118 words - 8 pages Express, and Visa have created a program known as Secured Electronic Transactions (SET). SET uses digital certificates to merchants and credit card issuers with a way to authenticate credit card information provided by the user online. SET require consumers to provide what type of credit card they are using and personal information. An on-screen wallet is portrayed that stays on the consumer’s PC. Once purchase is made, order information is sent

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636 words - 3 pages download an electronic version of their paper statement. eClearance is a means by which an employer can obtain a clearance and verify that their account is in good standing with the WSIB. ePremium is a tool that allows an employer the ability to quickly and accurately calculate their premium. With ePayment, employers have the option to pay their premiums online with Visa, MasterCard or Interac. eForm 7 is a comprehensive electronic form that

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1791 words - 7 pages -2000_a.asp, 2000).Credit Card companies (eg. Visa, MasterCard Companies)SETco ( - that enabling the use of digital wallets (e.g. Microsoft Wallet) and certificates based on the Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) protocol developed by MasterCard (Tetteh and Burn, n.d.).־ AOL - Internet services־ Descartes System Group - has launched Descartes' DeliveryNet technology to offer on-time deliveries to

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2735 words - 11 pages relationship.”   3.1. PAYMENT OPTIONS The following payment options can be adopted for Globetrotting Hotels (GH). Credit Card – enables the holder to buy goods and services from a line of credit granted by the card issuer based on the holder’s promise to pay for these goods and services. The major brands are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Direct Debit and Banking Services – This includes debit cards, Electronic Funds transfer

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573 words - 2 pages side, and on the other a proud display of her two children. Resting Emily on the counter, she began to look through her wallet, finding only a $100 bill between two singles. After a thorough search, she pulled out her Visa, flashing her infamous phony smile."Sign there, please," said the cashier, ripping the receipt form the credit card processor, and marking a red "x" at the line on the bottom. "Thanks have a good day. Pick up your drinks at the end of the counter." She rolled her eyes, sighed, and mumbled "Next," looking up to see the woman in the silky navy-blue mock turtleneck in front of her.

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