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The Element Of Hydrogen Essay

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In chemistry there are a lot of elements on the periodic table. One of the elements is hydrogen. Hydrogen the first element in the periodic table it is colorless, combustible and lightest of all gases. It was first artificially produced in the early 16th century by Henry Cavendish. As we know hydrogen can be used as fuel, and the fossil fuel energy has been used in many areas, but human can’t produce the fossil energy fuel by themselves, the more we use, the less we have left, so hydrogen may be used as the most common use fuel instead of gases in the future, it is not only used as fuel but also extensively used in different areas, such as industry, agriculture, medicine, and research.
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Surely, hydrogen is not only been used in industry, it can also been used in agriculture.

(This diagram explains how hydrogen converts to electricity.)
Hydrogen couldn’t be used in agriculture as single element but it can be used as compound like hydrogen peroxide. Four major used of hydrogen in agriculture. first, it can be used in aquaculture to animal husbandry. Second, hydrogen can combat certain plant pathogens. Third, hydrogen can improve crop yields. Last but not least, hydrogen can heal sick and injured bird. Hydrogen can filter water; it is being used in specialized drinking water delivery systems to lower incidences of disease so that farm livestock wouldn’t got sick so easily, it simply reduce the need for antibiotics in animal stock, so the food we eat would be more healthier, and also the milk and egg production get increased when cows and chickens drink the water form delivery systems, so that framer can have a better income. As we know, not only the animal can heal by hydrogen, plants can also heal by hydrogen. Usually, in order to reduce crop’s fungal diseases and improve crop’s viability, framer using hydrogen dioxide foliar spray on crops, but that is not only what hydrogen can do. According to the specific case, a farmer sprayed a hydrogen peroxide foliar spray on the broken plant after hailstones full recovery of crop within a few weeks without plant by destroyed, also proved the strong healing power of hydrogen peroxide (the many). Since hydrogen can heal animal and plant it can also heal human, hydrogen can be also use in medicine (the many).
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