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The Elementary Reading Attitude Survey Developed By Dennis J. Kear

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The Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS) / © PAWS survey designed by Dennis J. Kear from Wichita State University will be used in conducting this study. It provides a suggestion of student attitudes toward reading. The survey consists of twenty items and can be administered to the entire classroom in within ten minutes. Jim David, the creator of the Garfield cartoon character, and Paws Incorporated, the copyright owner, supplied camera-ready pictures of Garfield displaying a range of emotions from happy to very upset (Kear, 2000). Each item presents a brief statement about reading, followed by four pictures of Garfield. Each pose of Garfield is designed to depict an emotional ...view middle of the document...

In addition, students will be given a pre and post assessment of a timed reading passage to monitor improvements in reading fluency. The reading passage will come from the STEEP, System To Enhance Educational Performance, testing material. Students will be individually tested for both the pre and post reading assessment. The teacher will instruct the student to read the passage for one minute. The teacher will document wrong or mispronounced words on the score sheet. After one minute of reading, the students will be instructed to stop reading. The teacher will document the stopping point of each student. Afterwards, each correct word will counted and documented.
(e) Data Analysis
To score the survey, the teacher will count the four points for each leftmost (happiest) Garfield circled, three for slightly smiling Garfield, two for each mildly upset Garfield and one point for each very upset (rightmost) Garfield. Three scores for each student can be obtained: the total for the first ten items, the total for the second ten and a composite total. The first half of the survey relates to attitude toward recreational reading; the second half relates to attitude toward academic aspects of reading.
The STEEP, System To Enhance Educational Performance, testing material will be used to test reading fluency. The reading passage will contain 92 words. The students will be given one minute to read the passage aloud. Students will earn one point for each word they read correctly. The students will not earn a point for wrong or mispronounced words.
Once the pre and post test have been administered, the t-test will be used to compare the results. After concluding the results, the survey information will be compiled into user-friendly tables to compare and contrast gender, age, and race. This information will also be used to compare lower performing students to higher performing students by noting if any improvements were made in the area of reading fluency.
Section: 4 Results and Conclusions
Restating of Purpose
The purpose of this research was to assess if partnerships would help improve student motivation in the area of reading fluency among EIP kindergarten students. Knowing how motivation affects reading fluency is important in my work by allowing more effective planning and teaching strategies. It also allows me to determine if reading partnerships do enhance motivation thus allowing me to plan more engaging partnership activities in the future.
The Results of the Data and Analysis (Include Reference to charts, etc)
The student motivation survey provided insight into the students' attitudes toward reading as well as their perception of literacy. Shown in Appendix A, The Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS) / © PAWS survey designed by Dennis J. Kear from Wichita State University was given as the pre and post assessment. This twenty question survey provided an indication of student attitudes toward reading. Results...

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