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The Elements Of Learning By B. Banner, Jr., And C. Cannon

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When entering college freshman students face difficulties by not knowing how to adjust to the new expectations college brings. A freshman student tends to approach college with the same mentality used throughout their high school years. But as the first semester start, they encounter a variety of challenges, including having to change their study habits and knowing how to wisely manage their time. The book “The Elements of Learning” by B. Banner, Jr., and C. Cannon, introduces the elements a student must possess in order be successful in college. The research made by my team, “Collin’s Angels”, will determine important factors for freshman success, and the changes that a student makes in order to succeed through the first year of college.
In the book “The Elements of Learning” by B. Banner, Jr., and C. Cannon, the authors introduce eleven different elements that characterize the different stages a student goes through before becoming successful. Industry became the first element introduced; industry represents hard work followed by diligence and persistence. A student must be willing to work hard in order to acquisitively allow the spirit of knowledge to be retained. The second element represents enthusiasm, but such element can best be described as finding something interesting, stimulating, or even entertaining. Meaning that the things you approach must be entertaining or must have something interesting that will be able to keep you focus. The third element, pleasure, represents the small, quiet and private satisfactions that come from your own abilities, and from what you bring into your work. Having pleasure means being proud of the achievements obtained from the individual’s hard work. The fourth element is curiosity and represents the inner signal of what your mind and spirit want to know, your natural appetite for the world around you and what you desire to know. The fifth element, Aspiration, stands for ambition linked to good purposes outside oneself, and ambition linked to high ideals. The sixth element became Imagination which stands for the ability to form mental images of things and events, including “unreal” things. It is also the most private and interior human characteristic that unlocks doors to knowledge. The seventh element represents self-discipline, which portraits the order you impose upon yourself out of full understanding of what is best for you as a student. Self-discipline means having a schedule set in order to manage your time; based on how you’re directing your efforts. A student must have the element of civility which is an aspect of responsibility toward others; being open to others ideas or believes but not judging them based on your own believes. The eight element, Cooperation, means joining with others even when you do not wish to in pursuit of a shared goal. The tenth element is honesty which defines learning the truth about yourself, based on how you learn, what you know, and what you seek to...

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