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The Elimination Of Dumping Depot Essay

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Elimination of the dumping depot in Village 3 is one of the critical issues should be discussed and figured out the solution shortly in order to improve the waste management over city. Due to the waste management implementation, government has announced to public to be aware about the way to keep clean in each village, but people in village 3 who lack of waste management information from the right source and just follow the neighbor’s path throwing waste at Seasmeas Gas Company until it became a habit which affect to both environmental friendly, and public order. Thus the Cintri Company suggests to the Sangkat authority to eliminate this dumping depot. Therefore, to eliminate this dumping ...view middle of the document...

Since most of people; especially, who work at night and outsiders have brought their waste to put in front of Seasmeas Gas Company as their habit, so this place also become a dumping depot of village 3.
According to village chief mentioned, this place before was not the dumping depot, but people had tried to put the waste there until it became a dumping depot. Three reasons that Cintri suggests to the local authority to eliminate this dumping depots are (1) this dumping place is located in front of Seasmeas Gas Company where they are operating the business. (2) It causes a narrow entrance to an alleyway; if people still dump the waste there, and the Cintri’s truck cannot come on time, as the result the alleyway will be blocked by the waste build up. (3) At night time, waste was ransacked around while scavengers were searching for recycle stuffs. This will bring bad smell and environment which affected to people who use the street, alleyway as well as the nearby street vendors.
In order to eliminate the dumping depot successfully, there are three factors such as the high commitment of both local authority and Cintri Company, people participation, and resources. Firstly, the high commitment of both local authority and Cintri Company in collaborating to eliminate the dumping depot. They play a very important role in disseminating the information regarding to the waste management to the residents, monitoring the dumping depot, and participating in waste management. Cintri Company should also support the local authority in doing such things since they are the one who responsible for providing cleaning service, and fee collection.
Secondly, resource such as financial & in-kinds...

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