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Living alone, it's been said, is tantamount to keeping bad company.The mind has a tendency to over think when a person living alone spends too much time observing and analysing life, rather than participating in it. When the personal dialogue becomes too loud, it's tempting to think you have finally gone mad.And that… pretty much sums up my life up to this point.Evenings were usually the worst. After a day of activity at work, talking to colleagues, answering phones and generally being busy, the end of the day would fall away into an unnatural silence at home. The biggest problem with living alone was simply that there was no one to talk to. Sometimes, whole weekends would pass without a word being spoken. Spit has this strange way of crackling when you open your mouth to yawn when you haven't uttered a word for a couple of days. So, in order to remain rational and hold on to my sanity, I’ve come to the resolution that I should perhaps adopt a pet of some kind, and being a dog loving fanatic during most of my teenage years, that would in all probability be the sensible choice.The next step was where.Sure, I could easily head down to the local pet store and select an incredibly cute puppy, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. Images of RSPCA ads started playing through my mind like a lengthy wave of warnings. It was notifying me that there are abandoned animals out there searching for the exact same love and companionship that I had longed for.The next day, relaxing in front of my laptop after long hours of work, I felt motivated to go ahead with this ridiculous plan. I clicked onto Google and enthusiastically typed in “dog pounds Sydney”. Within 2 seconds, a page full of websites loaded. Without thinking too much I clicked on the top result, the next page instantaneously greeted me with photos and beckoning lines of doggie SOS. Browsing through the available dogs brought on miserable feelings-- depressed as I knew I couldn’t save them all. It is heart-aching to visually tally how many had suffered abuse and deadly illnesses and required salvation. I decided to click on the “Success Stories” page to bring back the positive attitude that I initially began with, reading through them further encouraged me that this is going to work, and that I’m doing a good deed.Pained by the bright flashing warning words “death row”, I was certain that I should begin my search there and hopefully uncover my future partner.Anxiously waiting for the page to load, I questioned myself about responsibilities, and whether this is just impulse. A second later, a picture of an aged pug loaded; instantaneously I had lost my thoughts completely. He had beautiful eyes – a unique mixture of shades between grey and white. Those eyes conveyed loneliness, sorrow and a need for someone to love and be loved in return. He was lying down on his stomach with paws stretched out and his head clocked to the side. The hair on...

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Music is lacking in integrity and originality (i.e. too much sampling and covering): an example essay

720 words - 3 pages "Blue Suede Shoes", "Yesterday", and "Twist and Shout" have been covered on more than numerous occasions. Speaking of "Blue Suede Shoes," even the "King" of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, used music from Carl Perkins, the song "Blue Suede Shoes." Besides Elvis, various other musical acts covered the song as well, including the Plastic Ono Band. Vanilla Ice is one of the most notorious cases in sampling. He took the a small riff from the

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1248 words - 5 pages Rock and Roll was one of the most influential music of the 1960’s. People that have listened to 60’s music and/or grew up in that era say it was the genre to listen to. People say that The Beatles were as good or better as Elvis Presley. The Beatles are one of the most listened to band since the 60’s. The way they took over the world is unforgettable and amazing; but as we get older we soon will forget our past and focus on our future but we

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1318 words - 5 pages The Voice Of A Generation As one gradually makes their way through the exclusive pantheon of Rock & Roll, they will cross paths with such deities as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, be exposed to the unparalleled mastery of Jimi Hendrix and absorb the raw emotion of Janis Joplin and Curt Cobain. Eventually, at one point or another, they also must discover Dylan. The 1960s was a fiery decade for the United States, not only due to the fact

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3257 words - 13 pages the Beatles stopped touring their looks changed; long hair, mustaches and bright colors. They also created Apple Records to help young musicians start their career. The Beatles weren't very good business men so their company went broke.The Beatles had created a new style of music which was a mix between Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. They also had brought a new fashion into the world; long hair also known as mop tops. Mop Tops were very popular

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2619 words - 10 pages popular works include Dead Elvis (1993) written for solo bassoon and chamber ensemble. The soloist must wear an Elvis Presley costume and sit on a motorcycle while performing the piece. He has also written Jackie O (1995-97) is a ninety-minute opera based on the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Another popular Daugherty composition is Niagara Falls written for Wind Ensemble. (Miles) The Cavaliers drum and bugle corps played an arrangement of

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2538 words - 10 pages when it was recorded by Elvis Presley in 1954 it seemed like a new and different approach. What made it seem new and different was its context. Without exploring the history of black popular music, country and western music, race relations, technical developments, and the music business one can be led easily to the conclusion that rock and roll was some new and different music which appeared suddenly. (Peneny, 1998)Influences on SocietyThe

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4814 words - 19 pages over ten years after Holly died, “American Pie” is a tribute to Holly and a depiction of how the world changed after his death. When you first listen and read the lyrics, “American Pie” appears to be about a person reflecting back on events that happened years earlier and then relates them to the events that were occurring in the world. It is this but at the same time is so much more. Each verse of “American Pie” tells a part, almost a

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2515 words - 10 pages . The colour values were obtained by transferring the film negative to video and tweaking it before putting it back on celluloid. Always attractive and sometimes breathtaking, the result perhaps owes something to Andy Warhol's screenprints of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Chairman Mao. Like them, it takes material which has become banal through sheer familiarity and reworks it in lurid colours that make it strange, producing that 'shock of the

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4067 words - 16 pages 1986, he came out with Graceland, an album that incorporated South African musical elements; two of the hits to come off this album were "You Can Call Me Al", which was about a mix-up in identity, and "Graceland", which was a tribute to Elvis Presley's Memphis home. Although Graceland seemed a near impossible work to follow up, Simon continued his pan-cultural investigations with The Rhythm of the Saints, which incorporated African and Brazilian

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896 words - 4 pages Reality and Illusion in Hamlet   Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, begins with the appearance of a ghost, an apparition, possibly a hallucination. Thus, from the beginning, Shakespeare presents the air of uncertainty, of the unnatural, which drives the action of the play and develops in the protagonist as a struggle to clarify what only seems to be absolute and what is actually reality. Hamlet's mind, therefore, becomes the central force of the

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1118 words - 4 pages Sub-plots in Hamlet   There are many things that critics say make Hamlet a "Great Work," one of which is the way that Shakespeare masterfully incorporates so many sub-plots into the story, and ties them all into the main plot of Hamlet’s revenge of his father’s murder. By the end of Act I, not only is the main plot identified, but many other sub-plots are introduced. Among the sub-plots are trust in the Ghost of King Hamlet, Fortinbras

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1443 words - 6 pages More than two decades after his death, Elvis Presley presence in our society is still felt as much as he is still alive. Even on the 25th anniversary of Elvis death, millions of people worldwide still pay tribute to their beloved "King of Rock and Roll". Known to the world only by his first name, Elvis is one of the most important figures in American twentieth century popular music. He almost single-handedly popularized rock and roll music by

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586 words - 2 pages and rude and labeled it the "devils' music". No matter how hard they tried, teenagers became the main buyers of Rock and Roll records. Seeing this many R & B artists modified their songs to suit Rock and Roll. Then Elvis came along! That changed a lot.Elvis has meant many things to many people all over the world. He has gone from Rock'n'Roll to Hollywood Heartthrob, back to Las Vegas megastar. But if you look carefully Elvis was nothing than

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588 words - 2 pages Rock Roots: Africa and Cuba- a synthesis between 2 traditions & 2 continents to form rock- rock is the unique tribute to the power of integration- upon closer inspection, rock appears to be a purely African additionto the western musical institution- Afro-Cuban + black music of Mississippi and Louisiana share common ancestry:in the early 19th C. the Haitan revolution sent the islands plantation owners packing.Many managed to escape with

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1345 words - 5 pages process. The relationship has to be ‘set up and maintained’ to provide the required support. The appearance of naturalness is a tribute to the skills of a Care Worker (K101, Unit3, P150). It is a specially ‘constructed’ relationship, which has to be carried out without causing embarrassment or undermining the dignity of the Service User (K101, Unit4, P178). ‘Somebody Cares’, a Home Care Agency based in Cardiff, state that the company “will