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The Embalming Essay

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PSY1012 - Sections 407535 and 407540
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PSY 1012 General Psychology
Page 2
Professor Information Professor: Erin Rogers
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday: 9:00 - 9:30; 12:30-2:45
Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00-9:30; 11:00-12:00; 2:00-2:45
Office Location: N218
Office Phone: 646-2028 or 616-1219
Instructor Response You can anticipate responses to inquiries and questions within 24 - 48 hours of receipt.
Course Description This course consists of instruction utilizing the scientific approach that conveys an understanding of
the behavior, mental processes, and experience of the individual organism and the principles that
determine and guide individual and group behavior.
Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
 Be able to think critically about Psychology as a science.
 Understand the historical foundations and context of Psychology as a discipline.
 Be familiar with waking and altered states of consciousness, including the stages of sleep.
 Be familiar with the stages of human development and the biopsychosocial aspects of developmental theories.
 Understand fundamental constructs underlying gender development, sexual identity and human sexuality.
 Understand the foundations of sensation and perception and their effects on behavior and mental processes.
 Be familiar with the theories of learning.
 Understand theories of memory and how memories are constructed.
 Be familiar with concepts of intelligence and assessment of intelligence.
 Understand thought processes and problem solving.
 Understand the role of emotions and motivation on behavior and mental processes.
 Be familiar with the relationship between stress and health.
 Understand the major theories of personality.
 Understand how the individual fits into the social milieu.
 Demonstrate awareness of cultural aspects and classifications of abnormal behavior as well as treatment models including interpersonal and biomedical therapies.

PSY 1012 General Psychology
Page 3
Course Information
Course Number/Title: PSY 1012
Reference Number: 407535 and 407540
Number of Credit Hours: 3
Term/Year/Session/Length: Fall/2014/A16
Important Dates
Class Begins Monday, August 25th
100% Refund Deadline Tuesday, September 2nd
Non-Attendance Drop Wednesday, September 3rd-10th by 7:00 pm
Withdraw with "W"...

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836 words - 3 pages general population. I achieved this aim by looking at the embalming process and deconstructing its main purpose in the western culture. I found that overwhelmingly the information presented that restoration of the body for open casket and other circumstances was the main aim in embalming.Through my research I found that many articles spoke of how the restorative practices of embalming aimed to give a lifelike appearance to the body. One particular

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1503 words - 6 pages Ever since the beginning of mankind, civilized cultures all have one specific thing in common. They all practice a dignified disposition of their loved ones who die. In fact, Robert G. Mayer, author of a widely used embalming text book writes in his text that "the art and science of embalming has been performed, in one form or another, for well over 5500 years." Of course the methods of embalming have varied greatly over course of time

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1905 words - 8 pages in. Mortuary science has several different certifications and understudies and can be dated back to 3100 B.C. Certified embalmers, funeral cosmetologists, directors, and in most funeral businesses, certified retort operators can be found within the business or local establishment. Embalming is a technique used to artificially preserve a human body for a short

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566 words - 2 pages away. It is also called embalming. After the person was dead the embalmer would take out the internal organs; intestines, lungs, stomach, and liver. Perhaps the most well known method was the use of Canopic Jars. These were used to hold the lungs, liver, stomach and intestines of the deceased. Initially these jars had a lid that represented the deceased, or the four sons of Horus. Depending on the period, and the wealth of the dead person, various

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1327 words - 6 pages embalming. Although not the original pioneers of preserving the bodies of their dead, Egyptians are known for having developed a more advanced method of embalming than any other culture in their time as Brenner states: Perhaps the ancient culture that had developed embalming to the greatest extent was that of Egypt, where as early as the first dynasty (3200 BC) specialized priests were in charge of embalming and mummification. The Ancient Egyptians


901 words - 4 pages Mummification         The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death. The believed that mummification would guarantee passage into the next life. Some people believed that the dead lived on in the tomb. The mode of embalming, according to the most perfect process, is the following:- They take first a crooked piece of iron, and with it draw out the brain through the nostrils, thus getting rid of a portion, while the skull is

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4485 words - 18 pages as well as other countries offers traditional, unorthodox, and unusual disposal options which are influenced by culture, religion, or cost factors. For centuries, other cultures have tried to preserve their dead. The Egyptians were the first know society to preserve their dead through embalming techniques (“Brief,” par 2). After the collapse of the Egyptian society there were few reports of embalming (2). European Catholic dignitaries

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631 words - 3 pages speech. After a plea to the god Anubis (embalming), the god Horus introduces the goddess Ani to Osiris. Ani makes a speech, and then the deceased's heart--which was viewed as the seat of intelligence--was weighed against the Feather of Knowledge. The fearsome demon Am-mit waited beneath the scales to devour the soul if the heart proved to be too heavy to enter the afterlife. The majority of the time, different priests and priestesses acted

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514 words - 2 pages many centuries, the ancient Egyptians developed a method of preserving bodies so they would remain lifelike. The process included embalming the bodies and wrapping them in strips of linen. Today we call this process mummification. The process of mummification has two stages. First, the embalming of the body takes place. Then, the wrapping and burial of the body follow. First, his body is taken to the tent known as ibu or the place of purification

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937 words - 4 pages funeral director or mortician must perform; embalming, closing the casket, and leading the funeral procession to the grave are all duties that can be physical ("Funeral Director" para. 2). While funeral directors should be compassionate and sensitive, they should also have excellent time management skills. The ability to organize documents as well as file them is equally important ("Mortician" para. 7). A successful funeral director has top notch

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718 words - 3 pages limited to cremation, burial and memorial services, the engagement of a living will, as well as additional services that one may desire (mausoleums, vaults, embalming and viewings). Societies also offer assistance to those responsible for the preparations of burying the dead by providing information and low cost options of funeral arrangements. The society will ensure that those responsible are aware of their financial options in cremation

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646 words - 3 pages Francisco A Morales Professor Nunez English 101Summary of "The Embalming of Mr. Jones"Jessica Mitford (writer) is describing a procedure and the steps of embalming a corpse in the essay "The Embalming of Mr. Jones," (1963). She writes that people pay significant amount of money each year, but "not one in ten thousand has any idea of what actually takes place''(1), and it is extremely hard to find books and any information about this subject. She

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1740 words - 7 pages This semester, the embalming students in my class had a chance to experience hands on embalming work at Greater Jackson Mortuary. This facility employed several embalmers who taught us different techniques. I was able to learn some of my own techniques by working with each of them. I learned the importance of disinfection. In addition to useful practical skills, I learned how to properly fill out an embalming report. I also learned how to

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966 words - 4 pages Did you know that there is a such thing as burying without embalming? This is referred to as natural or green burial. Green Burial is typically done in the UK. When green burial is done, the body is put directly in a body bag and buried, without using any chemicals. This is done so that the body can recycle naturally. Green Burial should not be allowed because it causes foul odors, has the potential of spreading diseases, and can attract animals