The Emergence And Popularity Of Reality Tv

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1. Introduction
The emergence and soon popularity of reality TV in some degree demonstrates the huge market of selling “real experience” through exposing “realities” of privacy, relationship between players, etc. (Deery 2004 in TV program area.). However, reality TV may not be intrinsically “real” though almost all involved players are unprofessional actors and programs are usually highly inscribed. Players are actually selected carefully (e.g. audition or interviews) and constrained by various signed agreements and all filmed scene sections are delicately edited with special purposes, making reality TV kind of erasing reality and fiction together (Bingchun & George (2003)).
Hell’s Kitchen is one of the “completion” type (Appleton & Yankelevits 2010) reality TV in America. This program proposes all contestants completing against each other and at least one player will be eliminated every episode according to their performance (mainly in cooking capability and teamwork corporation aspects) judged by the chef, Ramsay. Apparently, Ramsay in the setting process absolute power in elevating contestant performances under various tasks (e.g. cook a certain dish) and deciding directly who should be eliminated or indirectly who will be the winner (survived the last).
The article presents discussions on some elements of the used language of the chef Ramsay in the perspective of powder realization through analyzing under the concept of register (Haliday 2004), which suggests that people tend to use certain recognizable configurations of linguistic resources in certain contexts. (Geoff 2004) Register could be divide into three dimensions, which are related the threes aspects of metafunctions (Haliday 2004): field concerns with what is being talked about or expressing experiential meanings (ideational); tenor is associated with the people involved in the communication and the relationship between them or exchanging interpersonal meanings (Interpersonal); mode deals with how the language is functioning in the interaction or organizing textual meanings (textual). (Geoff 2004) Thus, findings and discussions on the used language are categorized as per the three divisions: field, tenor and mode.
In fact, the presented findings in the articles may be inapplicable to all the used languages include in the program, considering the limited sample size (less than 2 minutes Transcript), argument purpose selected clips (most presented scenes are arguments related) and the fact that reality TV program process a high tolerance for changes in the used languages — to be “real”.

2. Findings
2.1 Power realization findings in tenor aspect
Since tenor is associated with people the participants and their relations in the use of language or interaction, elements of the tenors could be specified are who the participants are and how interpersonal meanings are being exchanged in the communication. In the transcript, the recognizable participants and the power relationship...

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