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The Emerging Field Of Adolescent Romantic Relationships

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The beginning paragraph of this essay gives a broad sense of what the rest of the essay will entail. The main focus is how romantic experiences change over adolescence. The first stage of the experience is when boys and girls begin to interact with each other. The next stage is group dating and then it moves onto having a romantic relationship. Most romantic expectations and experiences in adolescents come from their peers and their parents. This research essay will not only talk about the stages of romantic relationships, but also talk about the factors that influence the experience.
In the past decade, research on adolescent romantic relationships has changed a lot. Before the change occurred, research focused on studies concluding the frequency of dating and other romantic behaviors. This information was good to have because it showed researchers how many adolescents of different ages and backgrounds were sexually active. The new studies now test who adolescent's partners' are and what their relationship is like.
Romantic relationships become more of a major focusing point when adolescents move from preadolescence to late adolescence. The reason that romantic relationships are so important in later life is because of the amount of time that adolescents spend with the other sex increases. In preadolescence, people spend an hour or less a week interacting with the opposite sex, but by their senior year in high school that time changes to between five and ten hours a week. Another study conducted showed that romantic partners are a source of support. Sophomores in high school get their main support from close friends, while college students get support from their significant other.
The developmental course for romantic relationships begins before adolescence when boys and girls only interact with the same sex. As they get older boys and girls begin to start thinking about people of the other sex. When boys and girls begin to interact they do so in mixed groups of both boys and girls to feel comfortable in the situation. From...

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