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The Emerging Of Google Glass Essay

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Emerging of Google Glass
When I first heard about google glass the first thing that came to mind is “I guess they are making a new type of smart phone.” Then when I finally decided to do some research I found out that Google was creating a type of glasses with extremely sophisticated software that you could wear. These were released in 2012 but only for one day with a price of $1,500. As I began to dig a little deeper I came across some of the feature that Google Glass offers. Things like reminders, checking the weather, dictating text messages, using google maps, and even take video and pictures. These are just a small portion of the things it could do, if I had to list them all we could ...view middle of the document...

For instance, let’s say that you were talking to someone at a job site about confidential information. The problem is someone around you is wearing Google Glasses. Should you take the risk of talking in front of them and risk them recording you? This is why Google had a problem selling to Americans. Privacy is a very important part of everyone’s lives. Americans do have deeper feelings and, as Adweek reports, this research threw up that 72 percent of people won't buy Google Glass because of privacy concerns (Matyszcyk 2014). This just shows us that with an emerging technology like Google Glass there may need to be some type of Terms of Conditions that include privacy laws so that it could be accepted by Americans.
Amazing use of Google Glass
Google Glass is not just to be used if you are lost or want to take pictures and upload them to social media sites. Some other ways you can use them for example, “Coaches could record practice sessions and review the video later to help the team improve its performance. Sure, there are other camera’s available, but none of them see exactly what the coaches see (Milner, 2014).” This could be the evolution of sports. Another great thing to use it for would be for military purposes. Tim Parker a Benzinga staff writer says, “What if a central command post could push key data to soldiers and soldiers could send enhanced imagery back to decision makers—all without adding extra weight to an already heavy arsenal of equipment (Parker 2014)”. This would mean that instead of having to make a call to their commanding officer they could just simply snap a few photos and send them virtually(on a secure network of course).There was also another case in which Google Glass got credited in saving a man’s life. In this online news report they provided a statement that says “Wearing a beefed-up version of the futuristic internet-connected visual aid, doctors in Boston were able to immediately access the records of a man with a severe brain bleed last January during the devices clinical trials. With the help of Google Glass, the physician at Beth Israel Deaconess was able to discover that because of his serious condition the patient had given an incomplete history and if they had administered much-needed drugs solely on that, he may have died (Nye, 2014)”. If I was the one with a serious injury and was sent to the hospital, I personally would want my doctor wearing Google Glass if it helped assessed my condition and find my record with ease.
New Styles and Prescription Lenses
Google took some criticism about the look of their glasses and many people thought it made them look like cyborgs. CNN announced that “Google glass is coming out with 4 more styles (Kelly, 2014)”. This is a good thing because I makes it a more stylish item. The current look of the Google Glass at this point in time makes it look like it is from a science fiction movie. With the new styles means new customers. Also the implementation of prescription...

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