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The Emerging Role Of The Us In Ww I

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Unlike World War II, the causes of World War I were more like politically complex. It all started in Europe when the continent was split into two sides. Since a lot powers were involved in mutual agreements and all the countries in the continent take their sides. That is why when the war did happen; they were force to support the policies. America on the other hand, is not part of any alliance to any country in Europe. America does not want any kind of participation during the war as they are more focusing on the booming of their industry. United States is becoming a powerful nation that they were forced to join the war because their people and their economy are threatened to go into a big slump, which still happened after.
United States has always been a neutral country ever since the war started. All they want to do is to make business with the European countries. But because of their neutrality, the United States’ economy is becoming at stake. According to the textbook entitled, America: A narrative story by George Brown Tindall, “At first the war in Europe brought a slump in American exports and the threat of a depression” (936). It is just so happen that the Allies are the first ones that demanded materials from the United States and on the other hand, America, just like any other businesses, will do anything to earn money. So even though the allies bought their supplies by getting loans, the Americans approved it and even removed its restrictions when the Allies needed a long-term credit instead of a short-term. The United States remained neutral, supplying either sides with goods and war supplies and in two and a half years the Americans are keeping their good relationship with the Europeans and most of all, it is only all about the money and becoming an industrial giant.
Despite of the United States efforts to remain neutral, the European countries does not feel secure anymore. That is why according to Tindall’s book:
“British actions, including blacklisting American companies that traded with the enemy and censoring the mail, raised some issues of neutral rights, but the German reaction introduced an entirely new question”(938).
The Germans put a warzone near the enemy’s water and thus using submarines to make a surprise attack to any ship that goes to the warzone, even if it is a merchant ship. This plan by the Germans were clearly violated the neutral rights but on the other hand, it may be a violation but Germans cannot take all the blame. According to Howard Zinn’s book called A People’s History of the United States, “It was unrealistic to expect that the Germans should treat the United States as neutral in the war when the U.S. had been shipping great amounts of war materials to German’s enemies” (362). The Germans were just trying to be careful because the British were also using “neutral flags as a ruse” (Tindall 938).
But the main reasons why the United States took a step forward...

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