The Emotional Speech By Watson Churchill

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On September 1939, Britain and France decided to declare war on Germany due to its invasion of Poland. The French and the British felt threatened from Germany as the Germans didn’t respect the peace treaty the signed couple of years ago. Two years later, in 1941, Japan fiercely attacked the USA Pearl Harbor and from that moment the United States of America joined the war on the side of the Allies against the Axis powers such as Germany, Japan and Italy. In response to the USA decision, Mr. Churchill, the British Prime Minister, flew to Washington from London to give his emotional, political and memorable speech in front of the American people, Congress and the president of the USA. Churchill's main aim was to emphasize on the importance of concentrating all the war effort Germany instead of the Japan as if the Germans went down the rest will follow. Churchill's speech is a good piece of Rhetoric because he succeeded in persuading the US Congress and leaders that Germany is far more dangerous enemy than Japan by providing convincible supports.
Churchill's main claim in the speech was to convince the US Congress that Hitler is the most serious threat to the United States of America. Hitler was the main threat because if Germany succeeded in occupying Europe, North Africa and the Middle they certainly wouldn’t have stopped there. Churchill strongly advised the American leaders to focus on the Germans more than the Japanese due to many serious reasons. First of all, the Nazi's ideology was completely incompatible to US values and beliefs. The US believed in freedom and that all people are equal unlike Germany that believed mostly in slavery. Hitler was a fascist who believed in the Fascism ideology in which it said that the citizens come in the second place after the nation he or she lives in. However, the USA is mainly concerned with the problem of how their political system could serve the needs of the people. In addition, the British Prime Minister stressed on how it would be easy for the U.S to deal with Japan if they defeated the Germans first because Japan was only a helper to Germany's, the mastermind, all evil and unpleasant invasions of different countries at that time. Moreover, the British Prime Minister warned the Congress that if the US army failed in stopping Hitler, he will have full control over the Middle East oil supplies and potentially they'll take over the Middle East. As a result, oil prices would go up as Hitler will have in control the leading source of oil source in the world in which it's going to negatively affect the US as their need of oil is extremely high. Furthermore, Churchill opened the eyes of the Congress on how the United Kingdom is a perfect springboard for an attack on US through crossing the Atlantic Ocean. If the Germans succeeded in taking over the UK, the Atlantic Ocean would be the last obstacle for the Germans to invade the United States of America and the rest of the World.

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