The Emotionally Society ( Comparitve Study Between The Visit By Friedrich Durrenmatt And A Doll's House By Anton Chekhov)

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The Emotionless Society"For the love of money is the root of all evil." A famous line from 1 Timothy 6: 10, which proves true in society. The love of money can be a motivation for people to achieve happiness. Materialism often fills a void in the lives of unhappy people. Also, money rules the world, causing many crimes against humans and humanity. Authors Friedrich Durrenmatt and Henrik Ibsen also found this to be true, expressing regard through The Visit and A Doll's House. These two authors expressed regard through characters who essentially felt society overweighed their moral judgments.The setting of A Doll's House regards middle-class characters and values. The play is stationed in Norway, where banking and law would be considered normal and respectable occupations. Banking is an occupation closely associated with money, which symbolizes middle class goals. During the time period of the play (1879), a wife was not legally permitted to borrow money without her husband's consent. Although Ibsen denied believing in women's rights, he stated his beliefs in human rights. A Doll's House considerably publicized women's rights; the year of 1888 married women in Norway were given control over their own money.Isben characterized Torvald Helmer, as a victim of society, losing love and moral judgement. The characterization of Torvald also depends heavily upon his advancement to bank manager. " Nora ... He is to take up his work in the bank at the new year, and then he will have a big salary and lots of commissions. For the future we can live quite differently - we can do just as we like". Torvald's job places him at a higher status, with a surplus of money to spoil Nora. Torvald equates his love through money, dispensing Nora with a fit allowance. Although Nora must wheedle the money out of Torvald, renewing the excitement of their relationship.The relationship of Torvald and Nora is based upon money. Nora's successful husband provides for the family, and oversees all finances of the household.Torvald's character is one of authority, and independence. This superior attitude ultimately defeats Torvald, when Nora's secret is unveiled. When Torvald was indisposed, Nora illegally paid for his trip to Italy. Nora risked her life, for love, "And yet- No, it's impossible! I did it for love's sake.".Instead of looking kindly upon Nora's act of love Torvald responds with, "What a horrible awakening! All these eight years- she was my joy and pride- a hypocrite, a liar- worse, worse- a criminal". Torvald overlooks the fact that Nora was in risk for her actions. Instead Torvald bases his judgments upon the set standards of society. "The matter must be hushed up at any cost. And as for you and me, it must appear as if everything between us were just as before- but naturally only in the eyes of the world"Torvald's superior attitude left him empty-handed. Nora left Torvald, and refused to play the role society meant for women. The façade of money in their...

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