The Emotions And Selective Perception Essay

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Another one of Aristotle’s philosophy was regarding the emotion and selective perception that summarized by B.R. Hergenhahn in History of Psychology’s text book (p.56- 57). Aristotle brought the awareness on emotion when he proposed that without emotion, humans could be missing on what is relevant (S.Nancy, 1989). He suggested that emotions influenced and intensified one’s behavior. For instance, people who are afraid tend to run faster after being threatened by a snake as compared to leisurely jogging. When people are angered they have a tendency to pick a fight because emotion can drive one’s motive of action. Anger can be excited from the injury that someone has caused and fear does ...view middle of the document...

Despite of all the ideas suggested by Aristotle in emotions, Kantian argued the presence of ethical salience that Aristotle missed out. They claimed that even without the emotion but with our ethics, our perception can be defective. According to Aristotle, the feelings should be derived from any agent’s of environment, thus, it is empirical that something we can see and feel. In Islam, it cannot explain on the pleasure feelings just to do the remembrance (dhikir), reciting Al-Quran and other Islamic rituals as to feel closer to Allah. We cannot explain how do we get the peaceful feelings and even that feeling is indescribable. In addition, Aristotle just highlighting on how anger can drive one’s motive of action meanwhile Islam provide some ways of helping to reduce with the anger and one of it is taking ablution. In Islam also, it did promote the concept of “husnudzon” where each of us has to thought positively and treat nicely to other people even if that person did bad to us.

In this class, History and Philosophy psychology, for the assignment and presentation, we got picked on Aristotle, a great scholar from past. We already completed all four meetings to discuss upon the group works and most of the discussion took place at the IIUM’s library. We often discuss after the class and via whatsap group that created by Iman to communicate regarding to our works and tasks. We agreed that Monday at 2 p.m is always be the time for us to do the discussion. First meeting which attended by all the group members, Iman, Hasida, Shahida and Ayunni was about to discuss on what we will come out as the first presenter in our group presentation. I basically, was helping giving the ideas, same goes with the other members that we did the brainstorming what we are going to do in our presentation. Meanwhile in second meeting, we did planned the flow of the presentation and listed all the props or material needed for our presentation. The third meeting was located at Mahallah Halimah making the props like Aristotle’s beard and other things needed for the presentation. Syahida and Ayunni were responsible for making the beard; Hasida and Iman were for the booklet and me for the book prototype that we used for ribbon cutting. We have decided to do the book release conference because nobody has come out with this idea before, we guess, trying to be out of the box, more professional.
The presentation that was held on 19th February 2014 went quite smooth and became like a real book conference with even the ribbon cutting ceremony at the end of the conference by our beloved lecturer, Dr. Azlin. Before the presentation began, we already prepared all the props in front of the class. I was handling the slide, hasida and syahida was for table and chairs and Iman with ayunni was preparing for Aristotle’s appearance. A bit nervous at the beginning but we managed to control our feelings. Then, the presentation started with Iman as “Aristotle” announced our names as the authors...

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