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The Empire Of The Sun Essay

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Everything flows perfectly in the rhythm of life. Some people are born with 300 bones, some are more creative than others, others with fears, others with talents, we are all different in every way there could be. But we are all born with some sort of knowledge. As you are growing you go creating your own cultural knowledge, some more extent than others. This is when you generate your own “custom made” cultural knowledge; meaning what you want to learn and perceive. Cultural knowledge is basically the skills you take possession of through education and experience. Knowledge is the analytical and factual understanding of a topic. Factual knowledge is what can be considered obvious and can be ...view middle of the document...

In the scene when the woman was about die and the doctor attempted survival by doing CPR to her and from this Jim learned how to do it too. When Jim’s friend was killed by confusion he tried applying this knowledge on his friend to try and save him. Jim was a very educated boy because of his status; at the same time he was a naïve boy that dropped his toy plane while his parents and him where trying to escape from all the people during the attack. Jim innocently let go of his mom to go and pickup his plane toy. This action basically launches his journey to adulthood, because this causes him going to the imprisonment camp. Here he learns everything he didn’t imagine he was going to do at his age, he literally becomes and adult to keep himself alive in this camp.

The Japanese soldier in the film can be considered very “cultural intelligence people” since they had to learn many challenging strategies to become a soldier. Like I said before cultural intelligence is divided into four branches, cultural drive, strategy, knowledge and action. For example some of them have to learn how to fly a plane to attack the Chinese. Others have to learn how to be the one in charge of the imprisonment camps. Soldiers also had to learn how to shoot weapons to attack in a vast amount. The Japanese soldiers had to learn how to differentiate the Chinese from the Japanese and had to know who the British where. The soldiers engage action...

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