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The Empowerment Of Rural Women In Limpopo

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Women in rural provinces tackle many adversities: from domestic violence to HIV ratings being increased due to the increase of sexual abuse. This project is there to help empower women to be independent, self-assured and conscious of their rights so, in the end, the women will be able to convey their knowledge and skills to the community.
This project will educate the community on understanding HIV/AIDS, gender customs, sexuality, and domestic brutality.
Women empowerment motivates women with the courage to get rid of the shackles of certain cultural traditions and religious terms that have customarily held women dormant and incapable of seeing the power they hold. The communities in Limpopo are very culturally rooted and the people stand by their traditions.
There has been a great debate on how to best promote the empowerment of women through rural projects so that women can benefit from projects available. Many have passionately disputed in defence of working involvement of community associates in women empowerment projects.
Two-thirds of the world’s population is made up of women who are illiterate, and mainly live in rural communities. In most countries, fewer women than men know how to read and write because, in their culture, reading and writing wasn’t a required skill for taking care of the family, household, and the community. Education is a powerful tool that is needed to help empower rural women and to overcome the custom traditions set by the elders.
Women regularly are in control of their house, therefore they watch over the family and also produce earnings. This can be a vast burden when they have restricted admittance to learning and employment and hardly any control with regards to their sexual health. This project will provide women with the resources and skill set to live vigorous lives that will be void of inequity and hostility.
Studies indicate that in rural areas, there is a larger occurrence of social and cultural barricades, work requirements and distance punishments that keep rural females from getting an education.
South Africa deals with numerous challenges to empower the rural women. The majority of rural women in South Africa do not have socio-economic prospects and live in or come from female-headed homes. Rural women weren’t given admittance to property because of the culture the rural women were trapped in and therefore live in poverty and oppression.
Fonjong (2001: 230 trusts that “participation for genuine empowerment requires that the general population as well as women themselves, know the extent of their problems, so that proper strategies can be adopted to reverse the situation.”
How the Project Benefits the Community:
The community can benefit from this project by having access to activities that push the women to do their best and that encourages them to step outside of tradition.
The community can benefit from this project by having the ratings for physical or sexual violence...

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