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Have you ever been in desperate need of information on a particular subject? Or are you an introverted academic student who wants to be prepared for every lesson? Or do you just need information? Introducing the Enchanted Encyclopedia that is convenient for every situation you may encounter. The Enchanted Encyclopedia contains every document ever made, including information from both the wizarding world and muggle world. The book can sense emotions as well as read your mind. Also, the Enchanted Encyclopedia is customizable meaning you, the owner, can control the size, thickness etc. of the book. Which is why the Enchanted Encyclopedia is a formidable product, and may appeal to you Miss Hermione Granger from ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.
Firstly, the Enchanted Encyclopedia is customizable. With a wave of your wand you can adjust the size, thickness, weight, and even opacity of the book. This feature is convenient for everyone, especially students who don’t want books that are too thick and heavy. Also, not only can you customize the exterior of the Enchanted Encyclopedia, you can also customize the interior. Which includes he font of the words, the size of the words, the brightness of the page, and more. This trait, would appeal the most towards near sighted people who are bespectacled, and individuals who find it difficult to focus on the information. Lastly, the Enchanted Encyclopedia has many handy features, for example, the summarizing feature. The summarizing feature recapitulates a piece of information and only provides the main points. The summarizing feature is handy for students who are studying hard, or need to research.
Secondly, the Enchanted Encyclopedia is aware of your thoughts and emotions. Let us imagine you are in a position where you are unsure of what to do. The Enchanted Encyclopedia will sense your distress, infiltrate...

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