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The American Dream during the 1950s was the belief in opportunity for success, everybody was created equal and everybody had an equal opportunity to have a career, raise a family and live successful and comfortable lives. The American Dream is an idea that suggests anyone living in the United States has the potential to live a happy and successful life; as long as you work hard you can achieve anything. The American Dream is just that a Dream, it isn’t reality, that successful life is far fetched. In the films Avalon, Quiz Show, The Apartment, A Face in the Crowd and Tin Men, they all have the same ending, chasing that American Dream and losing their jobs. Some people think that the ...view middle of the document...

Betty Furness is an example of demonstrating that kind of power, she was a TV commercial star who worked for Westinghouse, selling appliances. The power that Betty Furness had as a commercial symbol for Westinghouse was a reflection of growing power of television as a vehicle for advertising and also of the growing power of advertising in American life. Women wanted to be like her and wanted to buy all the appliances Betty Furness advertised. During the 1950s Americans economy was booming, after WW2 ended Americans turned their attention towards their families and jobs. New technologies and business ideas were being created. Americans were enjoying the highest standard of living in the world. The American Dream of a happy and successful life seemed within reach. Plenty of homes were being built in the suburbs. For many people the suburbs represented the American Dream of an affordable single-family home, a safe healthy environment for children with good schools and congenial neighbors such as themselves. In the film Avalon, the Krichinsky’s migrate to the U.S. for a better life; the first generation lived happy comfortable lives but didn’t earn a lot of money. The second generation of the Krichinsky’s had big dreams and goals, a desire to succeed, do better than the last generation. The first generation of the Krischinsky brothers were wallpaper hangers and the new generation wanted that ideal American Dream, a successful career, raise a family in the suburbs; give their children what they didn’t have growing up. In the era of televisions making an impact on American lives, the Krischinsky’s open their own store and sell televisions and appliances. Once their business grew more and more they opened a larger store, they move to the suburbs but fail to realize when chasing the American Dream they lost their family values. Jules Krischinsky changes his last name to Kaye, the Krischinsky’s are family people family is what’s important and with the new generation of Krischinsky, they lose themselves while chasing the American Dream. Jules Kaye and his cousin Izzy Kirk shoot a commercial for television in hopes of gaining more customers, well it worked because the fifties was all about buying the latest and greatest appliances being advertised, television played a huge roll in advertisement. Unfortunately there dreams are shattered when their store goes up in flames and they do not have insurance to pay for the cost, because Izzy used the insurance money to pay for the commercials. They are left without a job and Jules decides to stop chasing that dream, he says he can’t handle the rollercoaster, which interprets to me that he was done chasing the American Dream, it was no longer worth it. In the end his hard work didn’t pay off because he was back where he started.

The American Dream is about prospering, making it in America, finding a good job. Not starving or struggling anymore. Everyone wants a chance at the American Dream, the TV show 21...

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