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The End Of History Essay

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In the past decades there has been a revolution in ways of understanding the impact of history on society and its ideology. There is no doubt that liberalism has a major impact on the world today but history evaluates the coming of liberalism as the end to history. The end to history is viewed as such where post war history is the end point to all ideological development of mankind, and the integration of western liberal democracy is a final form of government. Firstly, the notion of end of history has been discussed many time, the individuals that have discussed about this statement are Karl Marx, Friedrich Hegel and Alexander Kojeve. Secondly, Hegel claims that history exist first of all in the realm of human consciousness, based on the level of ideas the individual exhibit. (Real is rational and what is rational is real.). Thirdly, economic behaviour can be better understood as realm of consciousness and culture. Where the consciousness can remake the material world in its own image, the challenge on liberalism can be seen through fascist and communist ideologies that liberalism has faced in the decades. Lastly, the last challenge to liberalism can be viewed on behalf of one’s religion and nationalism. Thus, The End of History article written by Francis Fukuyama is correct where the end of history is end of development of ideas by mankind. And he illustrates the cause of the end of history was the end of post war, which stopped individuals to think of new ideological change for the society.
In Francis Fukuyama article he illustrates that the idea of end of history was not an original one. He claimed that Karl Marx was the first propagator of stating the end of history was caused by the interplay of material forces which will come to end only if communist ideology of utopia was developed and all contradiction were eliminated. In Hegel point of view he believed that all human behaviour is in the material world and all human history is in the consciousness. Meaning the consciousness was part of religion, culture and based on moral habits. (Fukuyama, 1989, p. 6). In Max Weber ideology he notes according to economic theory that man is essentially a profit maximizer. But in many traditional communities work is not viewed as gaining more profit but if he was given a option to choose if he was able to do same amount of work for less time he will prefer leisure time more than work itself. (Fukuyama, 1989, p. 8). There have been two forms of major challenges in liberalism, which are fascism and communism. These ideologies were formed because they saw the political structure of liberalism as a weak and where liberalism was based on the ideology of material world than rational. Lastly, the success of liberalism was because the liberalism was victorious in a manner of eliminating its opponents. For example, Liberalism ideology was combined with economic liberalism where capital played a vital role in developing the western countries; also America won...

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